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Preview dynamic creatives

Use the Preview step of the Dynamic Content tab to preview every iteration of your dynamic creative.

The preview in Dynamic Content is different from the Preview step in the Creatives tab. The Preview in the Creatives tab only shows you the creative template and any testing values used in the assets. The Preview in Dynamic Content shows the actual content from your dynamic feed, and allows you to test different values in any profile fields.

Preview a dynamic creative

  1. Navigate to the Dynamic Content tab.
  2. From the Advertisers with Dynamic Content list, select your advertiser.
  3. Select your profile.
  4. Click Step 5: Preview in the workflow bar. 
  5. The available preview parameters are based on the rules you set up in your profile. Enter the parameter that you want to preview. For example, if you're using placement ID targeting, the parameter field will say placement ID, and you should enter the same placement ID as the one entered in the feed.
    If you are previewing dynamic creatives whose dynamic rows include start/end date flighting, the preview date parameter you enter must be at most 3 days past the dates in the dynamic feed.
    1. If you have both Draft and Published versions of the profile, you can choose to display both draft and published versions of the preview by checking "Also show published" or "Also show draft".
  6. In the Creatives section, there is a list of all ad sizes associated to this profile. Select/unselect creatives that you want to preview by checking the appropriate boxes.
  7. Click the Launch/update preview. The preview window opens and displays your dynamic creative. This window is also called a tearsheet. Learn more about managing tearsheets
  8. If you're satisfied with the previews, close the tearsheet window to go back to Step 5: Preview.
  9. Click Save and Continue >>
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