Manage your podcast and episodes on Google

If you are a podcast publisher, here is how to manage your podcast's presence on Google after you've added it.

Note that the term "podcast" as used here means a show that contains one or more episodes, not a single episode in a show.

Managing podcasts

If your podcast's RSS becomes unavailable after it has been crawled by Google, Google Podcasts will continue to serve the last crawled RSS version for a few weeks, then stop serving it if your RSS has not reappeared.

Add a podcast
Make new podcasts available on Google as described in Get your podcast on Google.
Update a podcast
You can update information about your podcast, such as the name or description, in your RSS feed. Google should find your updates automatically within a day. If you notice that Google hasn't implemented your changes in a day or so, read the troubleshooting guide.
If you move the location of your RSS feed -- for example, to another hosting service -- implement a permanent redirect (301) from your old podcast feed URL to your new podcast feed URL, and in the new feed, add the tag <itunes:new-feed-url>, and specify the URL of the new feed. For example, if your new feed is at, you would add a redirect from the old feed to the new feed, and add the following tag to your new feed:

Note that moving a feed will trigger a new verification flow for your show.

Remove a podcast

To remove a podcast from Google Podcasts platforms quickly:

  1. Add one of the following tags to your RSS feed. These tags prevent the podcast from appearing in Google Podcasts platforms, but they don't affect the visibility of the host page in Google Search.
    • <googleplay:block>yes</googleplay:block>
    • <itunes:block>yes</itunes:block>
  2. Ask Google to recrawl your feed.

Alternatively, simply removing or password-protecting your RSS feed, or using robots.txt or noindex to block access to your RSS feed will remove your podcast from Google Podcasts platforms. However, these methods can take several weeks to take effect.

Move your show's feed to a new URL (change podcasting hosts)

If you move your podcast feed to a new URL, you should tell Google about the new location:

  1. Move your feed:
    • If you are using a podcast hosting service
      Search for information about how to move from another hosting provider. Your provider should provide a mechanism for telling people about your feed move. If your podcasting service doesn't support migrating your feed to a new location, then create your new feed and contact Podcasts Manager support with your old and new feed URLs.
    • If you are managing your RSS feed directly
      Take the following steps:
      1. Post your feed in the new location, and add the following tag, where new_feed_URL is the new URL of the feed (it should be the URL of the feed that contains the tag).:
      2. Create a 301 (permanent) redirect from your old feed URL to your new feed URL.
  2. Tell Google about the move: 
    • Visit PubSubHubbub.
    • Enter the new feed URL in Publish > Topic URL
    • Click Publish
  3. Re-verify ownership in Podcasts Manager. If you are using Podcasts Manager, you will need to re-verify your feed ownership. Visit your show in Podcasts Manager to see when Google has noticed the change and requires re-verification.


Managing episodes

Add or update an episode
To add, update, or remove an episode from Google Podcasts platforms, update your RSS feed. Google checks known feeds for changes several times a day. In most cases, this is frequent enough that you don't need to do anything else. However, you can explicitly request a recrawl of your feed if you need an immediate update.
Remove an episode

To remove an episode from your shown on Google Podcasts platforms, use any of the following methods:

  • Add one of the following tags to your RSS feed. These tags prevent the podcast from appearing in Google Podcasts platforms, but they don't affect the visibility of the host page in Google Search. Removal from Google Podcasts platforms should occur in about a day.
    • <googleplay:block>yes</googleplay:block>
    • <itunes:block>yes</itunes:block>
  • Remove the episode from your RSS feed.
  • Remove the episode files from the serving host.
Make sure that you update the served feed. Changes made to other feeds will not affect results on Google Podcasts surfaces. However, if you have multiple playlists, Google can change the served feed, so if you do not want an episode ever served again, you should modify all your feeds.


Google checks known feeds several times a day for any updates. You can check when Google last read your feed



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