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Get your podcast on Google

Where can Google Podcasts show your podcast?

Listeners can find and play podcasts on many different apps and services, including:

In some languages, Google can understand the audio content and match listener queries in languages other than the podcast language.

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Additional podcasting services

There are podcast services on Google with different requirements. If you want your audio content to appear on any of the following services, you must follow the linked instructions.

  • Google news briefings - Prearranged news playlists based on general topic or provider; available in many locales.

Prerequisites for appearing in Google Podcasts

Your podcast must follow these guidelines if you want it to appear in Google Podcasts:

  • Your RSS feed must be accessible by Google. Your RSS feed cannot be blocked by login requirements, <itunes:block> tags, or anything else that would prevent Google from reading it. Therefore, custom feeds (sometimes called private feeds) are not eligible for Google Podcasts.
  • Your feed must have at least one episode.
  • Use a supported audio format for your episodes, and episodes must be available to Google. Video files are not supported on Google Podcasts.
  • You must provide an image for your podcast.
  • You must follow the RSS guidelines for Google Podcasts. If you are using a podcast hosting service, they should handle this for you. Required fields include:
    • Podcast image
    • Podcast description
    • Owner email
    • Link to a homepage for the podcast
  • Do not mix http and https URLs for your resources. If your content is served over mixed protocols, your listeners can have a bad playback experience in Chrome browsers as well as other playback devices. Bad experiences include popup warnings and blocked playback. Therefore, we recommend that your RSS feed, podcast homepage, and all audio files be served from HTTPS addresses.

Get started

The process depends on whether you use a podcast hosting service or you manage your RSS files directly. Although the process is actually the same, podcast hosting providers generally automate some steps for you, such as creating or updating your RSS files.

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