Use gestures on your device

You can interact with your device using gestures. You can turn some gestures on and off.

For accessibility gestures, you can learn about TalkBack gestures or magnification

Note: Some of these steps work only on Android 8.1 and up. Learn how to check your Android version.

Turn gestures on or off

  1. Open your device’s Settings app Settings app.
  2. Tap System and then Gestures.
  3. Tap the gesture you want to change.

Check notifications

When your phone is unlocked

You can check your notifications by swiping down on the fingerprint sensor on the back of your phone.

When your phone is locked

  • Double tap to check
    On Pixel phones, you can check your notifications by double tapping your screen.
  • Lift to check
    You can check your notifications by picking up your phone.
    See the lift-to-check gesture

    Lift to check phone

Tip: Learn how to control notifications on your lock screen.

Open or switch between cameras

  • Open your camera
    You can quickly open your camera from any screen by pressing your phone's Power button twice.
  • Switch between cameras
    On Pixel, Pixel XL, Nexus 6P, and Nexus 5X phones, with your camera open, you can switch between your front and rear cameras by twisting your phone twice.
    See the double-twist gesture

    Double twist for selfie mode

Talk to your Assistant (Pixel 2 only)

You can squeeze the bottom half of your phone to use the Google Assistant, silence incoming calls, snooze alarms, and dismiss timers. Learn how to talk to your Assistant.

Tip: To change how hard you need to squeeze your phone, open your Settings app Settings app and then System and then Gestures and then Active Edge.

Pixel | How to set up Active Edge

See the squeeze gesture

Squeeze your phone

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