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If you ship different groups of products from different locations (for example, if you ship a group of products from a warehouse in Houston, Texas, and you ship another group of products from a warehouse in Seattle, Washington), transit time labels help you provide more accurate estimated delivery dates for your customers. You can specify the product groups in your shipping services, and label your products using the transit_time_label attribute in your feed. Learn more about setting up shipping services

Update your feed

To use the transit time labels, first add the transit_time_label attribute to your feed. This is an open text field, which means you can customize the label you create. Apply the label to products in your feed that have similar transit times. For example, the following table shows the different labels you can apply to products with similar transit times:

Product transit_time_label
5-piece drum kit - blue drums_heavy
5-piece drum kit - red drums_heavy
Guitar strap - blue guitar_strap_light
Guitar strap - red guitar_strap_light
Mic stand - 48” audio_equipment

In the above example, the products “Guitar strap - blue” and “Guitar strap - red” have similar transit times, and so the same transit time label is applied to both of them.

Set up a new shipping service with transit time labels

  1. Log in to your Merchant Center account.
  2. Click New shipping service.
  3. Use the drop-downs to set the cutoff times under “Order cutoff time."
  4. Under “Handling time in business days,” fill in the estimated handling time.
  5. Under “Transit times in business days,” click Advanced transit times.
  6. Click Shipping destination and select your destination from the drop-down. Create a new destination by selecting New destination.
  7. Click Add transit time label and select a product group from the drop-down. 
  8. Define the number of transit days for each product group by destination.
  9. Click Save.
    • If this is your first time creating a shipping service, you will need to specify your shipping rate before saving.

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