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About the inventory feed specification

A custom icon for Merchant Center Classic and Merchant Center Next.

This feed is only used to implement the local feeds partnership program.

The inventory feed provides a list of all products (identified by id) sold in each store (identified by store_code) for a given retailer (identified by target_customer_id). It's recommended that you update the inventory feed at least daily.

Each time you upload the inventory feed, product information is updated incrementally. You only need to include products for which the availability or price has changed since the previous update.

Note: In order to implement the local feeds partnership program, you're required to upload either an inventory feed or a sales feed. You can also upload both feeds and use them in combination.
Required field Description Type Example
target_customer_id The merchant ID of this retailer. Integer 112339909

The unique store identifier. This value is case sensitive.

Use either the store code listed in the retailer's Business Profile or a point of sales (POS)/inventory data provider internal identifier.

Note: If using an internal store code, provide a mapping to the store address in the store feed.

String ‘465278’

The unique identifier of the product. It's recommended that you use the product SKU.

Note: If the retailer sells the same product new and used, they should have different IDs.

<= 50 characters

The Global Trade Item Number of the product.
We accept a variety of standards for gtin (including UPC). Learn more About unique product identifiers

String ‘885787364684’

Specifies status of your inventory (whether and how your product is available).

Note: If availability is missing we will use quantity instead.


  • In_stock: Items that have quantities of 3 items or more.
  • Limited_stock: Items that have quantities of 2 items or less.
  • On_Display_to_Order (ODO): Items that are displayed in-store, but not immediately available for purchase: Such as large furniture items, or different sizes and colors of a display model.
  • Out_of_stock: Items that are marked as quantity 0. We won’t serve local inventory ads for these items.
price The price of the product in local currency. String ‘28.00 USD’

The timestamp of recording the inventory in a specific time zone, as defined by the ISO 8601 standard.

Format: yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss+time zone

String ‘2016-05-09T14:08:45+00:00’
Optional field Description Type Example
quantity The quantity of the product in inventory. Integer
>= 0
Pickup SLA The expected date that an order will be ready for pickup, relative to when the order is placed. Text (string). Must be one of the 8 accepted values: 'same day', 'next day', '2-day', '3-day', '4-day', '5-day', '6-day', or 'multi-week' same day
Pickup method

The pickup option for this item.

Note: Pickup method does not have to be submitted to enable pickup starting September 1, 2024.

Text (string). Must be one of the 4 accepted values:
'buy', 'reserve', ‘ship to store’ or 'not supported'


Note: If quantity and availability are submitted, the most conservative value will be used. Example: If quantity is “0” and availability is “in stock” we will change availability to “out of stock".

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