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Submit stable landing pages

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A landing page is where a user is sent to after clicking your Shopping ad. You submit your landing page URLs with the link [link], mobile link [mobile_link] (optional), and ads redirect [ads_redirect] (optional) attributes.

People who click your ad should see landing page content that meets the requirements for Shopping ads, regardless of location, device, your ad targeting choices, or any other variable.

This article explains how to submit landing pages to Google, and what to do if your website changes dynamically.


Some retailers have URL structures that provide stable landing pages and do not adapt content based on a user's location, behavior, or device. For example, stable URLs might look something like:

In this case, submitting these stable URLs will ensure consistency.

If you're not using this type of URL structure, you can use URL parameters to adjust web server behavior, indicate the source of traffic, and force the country and language.

Then, add a few lines of code on your web server that essentially say:

IF: source_URL_parameter = shoppingads,
THEN: set country and language as per locale_URL_parameter,
ELSE: do what web server currently does (for example, determine the country from the IP address, the language from browser language preference, etc.)

Check your new URLs

Visit your website through the URL you submitted to check that your landing page content meets the requirements for Shopping ads.
To test your URLs for an international user, you can use tools that allow you to view a website from different locations, such as VPN tunneling services. 

Keep in mind: Every website is set up differently. We can’t guarantee these solutions will work for you. They’re references to help you determine what will work best for your website.

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