About inventory verification

Note: Inventory verification is not required if you are implementing the merchant-hosted local storefront (full) or the merchant-hosted local storefront (basic) with price match features. Please allow 72 hours for your feed to process, then select “request verification” and Google will send a notification to your Merchant Center account indicating that you are ready to begin serving local inventory ads and free local product listings.

Google's inventory verification program checks product information in your local stores to ensure it matches the information you provide in your data feeds. Learn more about requesting inventory verification

To ensure the accuracy of information in local inventory ads and free local product listings, Google has an inventory verification program. Through this program, the Google team checks product information in your actual stores to ensure it matches the information you submit through your data feeds.

Inventory verification process

We email you to confirm that your account is ready for the inventory verification stage. Then, you send us your store representative contact information and their availability to conduct the review. On an agreed upon date, we email your store representative a survey form with a random selection of products pulled from the store’s data feeds. The representative’s task is to ensure the product information matches what’s actually in the store. We also ask the representative to take a photograph of some products. The photos must clearly show the product label and shelf price or price tag.

We expect the entire process to take approximately 4 hours per store. 

Ongoing inventory verification

Once your local inventory ads or free local listings are live, Google conducts ongoing inventory verifications via phone and store visits. These checks help ensure that product, price, and availability information continues to be accurate.

Phone verification

During phone verifications, a Google operator anonymously calls a small number of stores and asks about the availability and price of 2-3 items. We aim to keep these calls as brief as possible. Google will not call during peak holiday shopping days or peak selling times of the day and week.

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