Local inventory onboarding guide

Upload a primary feed

This is step 5a of the local inventory onboarding guide.

This article describes how to upload a primary feed to enable local inventory ads or free local product listings.

If you're interested in submitting product data through API, learn more about the Google Content API.

The primary feed is a list of all of the products that you sell with attributes that describe them. Some attributes are required for all items in your feed, some are required for certain types of products, and other attributes are recommended.

If you are submitting separate primary feeds for online offers (Shopping ads or free listings) and local offers (local inventory ads or free local product listings), make sure that you are not submitting the same products in both feeds.

Not providing a required attribute may prevent that particular item from showing up in results, and not providing recommended attributes may impact the ad's or listing's performance.

Google recommends submitting all of your products in a single feed for both online and local offers. When creating a new feed, all applicable feed destinations (for example: Shopping ads or free local product listings) can be selected during feed creation. If you want to opt into local inventory ads and/or free product listings as additional destinations for an existing feed, you can do so via primary feed settings. If you need to exclude products from a destination, you can use the excluded_destination attribute. Learn more about excluded_destination

If you have a legacy product feed created before October 3rd, 2019, this does not apply to you and you can continue to submit online offers eligible for Shopping ads or free product listings, and local offers eligible for local inventory ads or free local product listings in separate feeds.

Build your primary feed

Step 1: Create a delimited text file, an XML file, or use API

To start, create either a delimited text file (recommended) or an XML file or use API.

Step 2: Tell us about the products you sell in stores

Your primary feed is Google’s source of information about your products. The information you submit in this feed is what appears to shoppers searching for your products. Learn more about product data specification

Example primary feed for local inventory ads and free local product listings.




id [id]


Required for every product.

title [title]

Colorbang Headphones

Required for every product.

Put the most important details first. Users will usually see only the first 70 or fewer characters of your title, depending on screen size.

description [description]

A light and elegant design and super sound quality make these over-ear headphones a constant companion. Foldable to save space, and printed with the white Google logo on one earpiece.

Required for every product.

Be specific and accurate. The more specific you are in your description, the easier it is for users to identify the product they are searching for.

image_link [image_link]


Required for every product.

Submit only one value. Only one value will be accepted for the image_link attribute, and any subsequent entries will be ignored. If you want to submit multiple images, you can provide these using the additional_image_link attribute.

gtin [gtin]


The gtin attribute is required if the product is widely manufactured and has a GTIN. Learn more about unique product identifiers

Use the correct GTIN for each product, including variants. Each product and variant of a product (different colors or sizes) has its own GTIN, so make sure to submit the correct value.

brand [brand]


If the product has a clearly associated brand or manufacturer, submit the brand attribute.

If the product doesn’t have a clearly-associated brand (for example: movies, books, music or posters) or is custom-made (for example: art, custom t-shirts, novelty or handmade products), this attribute is optional.

Learn more about unique product identifiers

excluded_destination [excluded_destination] Local inventory ads

If you want to exclude the product from serving on local inventory ads, submit a value of "Local inventory ads".

If you want to exclude the product from serving on shopping ads, submit a value of "Shopping ads".

If you want to exclude the product from appearing as free product listings, submit a value of “Free listings”.

If you want to exclude the product from appearing as free local product listings, submit a value of “Free local listings”.

Learn more about excluded_destination

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