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Sale price [sale_price]

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Use the sale price [sale_price] attribute to tell customers how much you charge for your product during a sale. During a sale, your sale price is shown as the current price. If your original price and sale price meet certain requirements, your original price may show along with the sale price, so people can see the difference between prices.

Ad example with a sales price example

The image above may contain English or USD. When the sale price is applied to your product, it displays in the local currency and language.

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When to use

Optional Optional for each product

If your product is on sale, submit the new price using the sale price [sale_price] attribute. To submit the dates of your sale, use the sale price effective date [sale_price_effective_date] attribute.


Follow these formatting guidelines to make sure Google understands the data you submit.

Learn when and how to submit your product data in English

Type Number plus currency (use ISO 4217)
Repeated field No
File format Example entry
Text (TSV) 15.00 USD
XML (Feeds) <g:sale_price>15.00 USD</g:sale_price>

To format your data for Content API, go to the Content API for Shopping resource

Note: To ensure that this product data attribute gets recognized by our system correctly, remember to submit your data feed file in a format that we support.

Minimum requirements

These are the requirements you need to meet to show your product. If you don't follow these requirements, we disapprove your product and let you know in your Merchant Center account.

  • Meet the same requirements as those for showing price via the price attribute with some exceptions.
  • The sale price doesn't have to be the most prominent price on the landing page. For example, if you display original price and sale price, the original price can still be in a larger font.
  • Clearly display both non-sale and sale prices on your landing pages, and only the sale price at checkout. If you advertise a coupon code, ensure that it's accessible to all users. Clearly display both the non-sale price and the sale price after applying the coupon code. Also ensure that the sale price stays consistent throughout checkout.
  • Submit a value that matches the sale price you display on your landing page and at checkout.
  • Submit the full price of your product (the cost when it’s not on sale) by also submitting the price [price] attribute when you submit the sale price [sale_price] attribute. If your product is on sale and you don’t submit the sale price attribute, you should submit the sale price as the value for the price [price] attribute.
  • The product sale price should be less than the price for the product, and this price difference should show in your product data.
  • Don't provide more than 2 digits after a decimal. If you include more than 2 digits after the decimal, they're automatically rounded to the nearest acceptable value. For example, 1.0234 is rounded to 1.02 and 29.8999 is rounded to 29.90.

Best practices

These best practices can help you go beyond the basic requirements to optimize your product data for performance.

  • Submit a value that can be represented in the currency of your target country (according to ISO 4217). For example, instead of 1.0012 USD, submit 1.01 USD. If your price can’t be represented in the currency of your target country, then we round it to a value that can.
  • Submit the date range for which the sale price applies. Submit the sale price effective date [sale_price_effective_date] attribute to indicate when the sale price is relevant; otherwise the sale price will be used for your product immediately.
  • Submit correct base prices to enable sale price annotations. If you want to lower the price of a product for a sale, submit the sale price with the sale price [sale_price] attribute. Keep submitting the original base price that you charged previously with the price [price] attribute.



If you sell a product that comes in multiple colors and sizes, you might choose to put some of the colors on sale.

An example of ads without placeholder images

Product data for a small green Google logo T-shirt, priced at 10.99 USD, on sale for 9.99 USD
Attribute Value

Title [title]

Price [price]

Google T-shirt - Green - Small

10.99 USD

Sale price [sale_price] 9.99 USD
Color [color] Green
Size [size] S

Product data for a small blue Google logo T-shirt, priced at 8.99 USD, on sale for 5.99 USD

Attribute Value
Title [title] Google T-shirt - Blue - Small
Price [price] 8.99 USD
Sale price [sale_price] 5.99 USD
Color [color] Blue

Size [size]

ID [id]

Item group ID [item_group_id]




Product data for a small yellow Google logo T-shirt, priced at 10.50 USD, on sale for 8.99 USD

Attribute Value
Title [title] Google T-shirt - Yellow - Small
Price [price] 10.50 USD
Sale price [sale_price] 8.99 USD
Color [color] Yellow
Size [size] S

ID [id]

Item group ID [item_group_id]



Phone or tablet with a contract

You can submit a price as low as 0 for mobile phones or tablets that come with a contract. Learn more about the price requirements.

An illustration with 3 different colors of one mobile phone

Product data for a midnight blue 32 GB Google Nexus 6 with contract

Attribute Value
Title [title] Google Nexus 6 - 32 GB - Midnight Blue - With contract
Price [price] 299 USD

Sale price [sale_price]

Google product category [google_product_category]


Electronics > Communications > Telephony > Mobile Phones

Product data for a black 32 GB Google Nexus 9 with contract

Attribute Value
Title [title] Google Nexus 9 - 32 GB - Black - With contract
Price [price] 499 USD
Sale price [sale_price] 0 USD
Google product category [google_product_category] Electronics > Computers > Tablet Computer

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