How to fix: Unavailable mobile landing page

Update your website or landing page URL to enable access from mobile devices

For one or more of your products, you’ve submitted a landing page (via the mobile link [mobile_link] attribute) that cannot be accessed by Google when crawling with a mobile user-agent. This means it also may not be accessible to Google users who use mobile devices. If the landing page that is linked to your ad or listing is not available, it is both a bad customer experience and a bad return on your ad spend, so we disable products that have an unavailable landing page.

These products will stop showing in Shopping ads and free product listings for desktop and mobile devices until Google is able to access the landing page. To resolve this issue, identify and fix the error to make sure your landing page is accessible from any device (including mobile devices), location, or browser.

You can test your current configuration with the URL Inspection Tool. Make sure to select “Smartphone” as the type of fetch.


Step 1: See the affected products

  1. Sign in to your Merchant Center account.
  2. Select Products on the navigation menu, then click Diagnostics.
  3. Click the Item issues tab to see current issues affecting your products.

To download a list (.csv) of all affected products for all issues:

  • Click the download button Download next to the filter button Download, beneath the graph and above the list of issues.

To download a list (.csv) of all affected products for a particular issue:

  • Find the issue under the “Issue” column, then click the download button Download at the end of the row.

To see a list of up to 50 products with this particular issue:

  • Find the issue under the “Issue” column, then click View examples in the “Affected items” column.

Step 2: Verify your landing pages

  1. Filter the downloaded report so that you only see products with:
    “Issue title” = Unavailable mobile landing page
  2. Check your landing pages for those products (using the ID). The “Crawl error” column specifies why we were not able to access the landing page.
  3. Common crawl errors include:
    • Page not found (404): The landing page was not found on the server. Make sure to specify a proper URL of the landing page with the mobile link [mobile_link] attribute.
    • Too many redirects: Your landing page redirects too many times. To fix this error, make sure your landing page URL does not have more than two redirects.
    • Could not connect / HTTP 5xx response: When we tried to access the landing page the server was not available (for example, because of maintenance work). Make sure that your website is always available.
    • Hostname not resolvable: We weren’t able to resolve the hostname. Make sure that your DNS configuration is set up properly.
    • URL protocol: The URL provided by the mobile link [mobile_link] attribute must start with http:// or https://. The URL must also use the domain name you verified either when you created your Merchant Center account or in the “Website” tab on the “Business information” page of your Merchant Center account. Replace any symbols with URL encoded entities (for example, comma = %2C). Learn more about common product crawl issues

Step 3: Resubmit your product data

  1. After you’ve updated your product data, resubmit it using one of these methods:
  2. Next, check that you’ve fixed the issue by making sure it’s no longer listed on the Diagnostics page.

    Keep in mind: It may take some time for your change to be reflected on the Diagnostics page.

If you have fixed these issues and updated your items via a new feed upload or the Content API, the errors you see should disappear within a couple of days. This time allows us to verify that we can access the landing pages that are provided, after which the items will start showing up in Shopping ads and free listings again. If you want to speed up the process you can increase Google's crawl rate.

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