About Product Ratings

Participation in the Product Ratings program enables you to make your product ratings and reviews available for users of a variety of Google products, including Google Search and Shopping Ads. These ratings and reviews help shoppers with their product research and purchase decisions, driving more qualified shoppers to your product pages.

How Product Ratings work

Product ratings appear as a 1-5 star rating system and a count of total reviews. These star ratings represent aggregated rating and review data for the product, compiled from multiple sources including retailers, third-party review aggregators, editorial sites, and consumers.

While the overall shopping experience may include deliveries, returns, and customer service, product ratings are related to specific products, and not to a particular store or business. Learn more about seller ratings to find out how to display ratings for your specific business.

Reviews and star ratings may not always show. We’ll show star ratings when our system determines that the information is accurate and relevant for shoppers’ needs.

How matching works

The reviews data from a Product Ratings feed is matched to products based on a number of factors, the strongest being globally unique product identifiers such as GTINs. Without GTIN data, Google will attempt to match a review through other metadata information such as SKU, Brand + MPN pairs and product URLs, though these identifiers generally do not offer a good match. In short, without GTINs, matching issues may occur. What this means is that you may not see star ratings appear alongside the products your business offers.

Getting started

You should have a Merchant Center account associated with your business website. If you don't have a Merchant Center account read the Beginner's Guide.

There are three ways to share your ratings and reviews with Google:

  • Upload your reviews feed. This option requires a minimum of 50 reviews across all of your products. Once you've submitted the interest form and have gone through the onboarding process, you'll be able to upload your feed through your Merchant Center account.
  • Use a reviews aggregator. If you're working with an approved product ratings aggregator, contact them directly regarding how to submit product ratings.
  • Join Google Customer Reviews. You can join the Product Ratings program by participating in Google Customer Reviews and adding optional lines of code to collect product reviews. Learn more about Google Customer Reviews


Product Ratings are available in countries where Shopping ads and free product listings are available. In order to be eligible for displaying aggregate ratings on their ads and listings, retailers must meet the Product Ratings eligibility criteria.

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