Navigate Google Merchant Center

Use Google Merchant Center as a resource to manage feeds, view data, and explore programs for your products. Go to the Home page to view recent announcements and dashboard data for your account. See consolidated product feed and data quality information under the Products page. Manage your program information and configuration under each Program page in the navigation panel and use the Shipping and Tax pages to configure your account-level services. 


Go to the Home page from the navigation panel to quickly view Merchant Center announcements as well as your Dashboard information. The Dashboard contains cards such as product data overviews, feed information, and Shopping ad clicks. For more information on your product data, follow the direct links to access data diagnostics and product feeds.

Business information 

Manage your business information and details in the Business information section. 

  • About your business: Manage your store name and contact information. Learn more
  • Website: Claim and verify your website. Learn more
  • Logo: Upload your store’s logos to use when advertising your products on Google. Learn more


The products section allows you to manage your feeds, review feed data quality, and view a detailed list of your products in a centralized spot. Use the Products page to quickly access all information and configuration around your product data.

  • Diagnostics:  Review and troubleshoot current and historical issues with your product data. Use the context filter for more information on product eligibility in different contexts and programs.
  • Feeds: Create and upload feeds. The Feeds page provides access to various feed related tools, including feed rules and downloadable error reports.
  • List: View detailed information about your submitted products and search for specific products. All click data is based on data available in Google Ads and is calculated based on the time zone of your Google Ads account. The data provided is from the previous 30 days.  Learn more
    • Note: If multiple Google Ads accounts are linked to your Merchant Center account, click data will be aggregated from those accounts. Refer to your linked Google Ads account for full reporting on the performance of your ads. 

Tax and Shipping

  • Tax: Create and manage your tax settings. Please be aware that tax attributes at the product level will override these settings. Learn more
  • Shipping: Create and manage your shipping methods. Beware that shipping attributes at the product level will override these settings. Learn more

Other program content

The Programs page contains cards featuring the various programs that are available in Merchant Center, and some may be a good fit for your business. Find the Programs page under the 3-dot icon  in the upper right-hand corner of your account. Continue exploring various programs by selecting the Learn more option in each card, and express your interest in participating in a program by selecting Get started.

Message archive

View recent account notifications within Merchant Center by clicking on the Mail icon in the upper right-hand corner of your account. The messages stored in the message archive include notifications, alerts, and announcements that have been sent to your Merchant Center contacts. Feed status notifications will be removed from the message archive after 90 days. This feature is not yet available for parent multi-client accounts.

Manage account settings 

Manage your account preferences, account links, Merchant Center users, and much more in the new account settings drop-down. To go to your account management preferences, click the 3-dot icon   in the upper right-hand corner of your account. 

  • Account settings: Manage your time zone and language preferences. 
  • Account linking: Link your Google Ads, Search Ads 360, and supported e-commerce platforms to Merchant Center.
    • Google Ads: Link your Merchant Center and Google Ads accounts. Learn more
    • Display & Video 360: Link your Merchant Center and Display & Video 360 account. Learn more
  • Automatic item updates: Enable automatic item updates to allow Google to update your items based on the structured data markup we find on your website. Learn more
  • Users: Allow multiple users to access your account, and adjust user access level and administrative ownership for Merchant Center. Users can access multiple Merchant Center accounts from a single Google account and navigate between accounts by clicking the expand icon in the navigation panel. Learn more about user access
  • STFP/FTP/GCS: Use SFTP (preferred), FTP, or Google Cloud Storage (GCS) to transfer product data to Google’s server.  Learn more about uploading via SFTP and FTP, or with Google Cloud Storage.
  • API diagnostics: Set up the Content API for Shopping (advanced), which enables you to programmatically upload product listings. Also review API call errors on this page.
  • Merchant Center programs: Explore programs in Merchant Center the may help you advertise your products.

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