Register a data feed

Before you submit your data feed, you'll need to register it in Google Merchant Center to let our system know that it should expect your file. Registering your feed is required to submit data feeds via any method to Google Merchant Center.

To register your feed, please follow this link and sign in. If you're already signed in to your Google Merchant Center account, click the Data feeds link. You'll see a button to register a New Data Feed or New Test Data Feed. Test Data Feeds are processed in the same way as usual feeds, but submitted items do not appear on the search results.

You'll need to specify several pieces of information about your feed in order to register it on the New data feed page:

  • Target country: Specify the location where your items are sold. For example, the target country “United States” indicates that your items are available for purchase in the US. The items or data feed uploaded to a selected target country must meet the requirements for the target country that you submit to, including the feed specifications and policies. For example, your data feed needs to list the products in the local language, the product landing pages need to be in the local language and your prices need to be in the currency for the target country.
  • Data feed file name: Enter the name of the file that you'll be submitting. Remember, this name should exactly match the name of the file that you created and include a valid extension. RSS and Atom files should end with an .xml extension. File names that don't end with any extension will be processed as a tab-delimited (.txt) file by default.
  • Target language: If you selected a multilingual country like Belgium or Switzerland, you will be presented with the target languages of that country for the feed. Select the language that corresponds to the language that you used for describing your product data in this feed.
  • Advanced feed usage: By default your products are submitted to Google Shopping, Product Listing Ads and to the Search API for Shopping. Under See advanced feed usage settings, you can deselect any Google product that you don't want to submit to.

When you've finished specifying your feed settings, click the Save changes button. You'll see your feed listed in your account. You can click Settings under your feed file name to change any of your feed settings. We recommend leaving each setting as "auto-detect", if you are unsure about your selection.

Deleting a feed

  1. In your Merchant Center account, click on the Data feeds tab.
  2. Select the tickbox next to the feed that you would like to delete.
  3. Click Delete.