Data quality errors

The Data quality tab in your Google Merchant Center account displays information to help you improve the quality of your data. You’ll be able to quickly view the most critical data quality errors and learn how to fix them.

Accordingly, we've divided this page into three sections to help you prioritize which errors to fix first:

  1. Critical Errors
    • The errors in this section are the most serious and could result in account suspension or temporary disapproval of items.
    • Account suspension:
      • If your account is active: The errors in this section are the most serious and could result in all of your items being removed from Google Shopping. Please resolve these issues as soon as possible to avoid account suspension and the removal of all your items from Google Shopping.
      • If your account is suspended: This section will list the issues you must resolve in order to get your account reactivated for Google Shopping. Once you have fixed the issues, please contact us through this form or your dedicated account representative. Learn more about suspensions.
      • Some items may be ineligible for Google Shopping, per our Google Shopping Policies. If so, we will also surface the information here.
    • Temporary item disapproval: We review your individual items submitted via data feeds and the Content API for Shopping regularly. If we detect that the data you provide does not match the product information on your website, we may disapprove these items temporarily. This will prevent the item from appearing on Google Shopping. Please review any disapproved items and ensure that you submit accurate product data. After a disapproved item has been updated with accurate information and uploaded again, we will review the item again. It can take up to 12 hours to verify that an item has been fixed.
  2. Warnings
    • The warnings in this section will not currently result in account suspension or temporary item disapproval. These issue could negatively impact the performance of your product listings and may lead to item or account suspensions in the future.
  3. Suggested Optimizations
    • If you’ve resolved all Critical Errors and Warnings, please consider these suggested optimizations to get your data quality to the next level.
    • Resolving these issues is recommended, but not required.

For select errors in the Data quality tab, you can view a complete list of items containing the error. When available, please click on ‘Download Report’ in the signal’s description. This will generate a CSV file with identifying information about the item and its data quality problems.

Please use this list to resolve all of the data quality issues for each identified item.