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To submit information about products that are on sale, you can use the 'sale price' and 'sale price effective date' attributes. When a sale is active, the sale price will be shown as the current price in Google Shopping search results.

This feature will allow you to accurately define times during which your sale is effective, while also communicating to Google that you have a sale. If you are submitting the 'sale price' attribute and do not also submit the 'sale price effective date' attribute, the 'sale price' will be used for your item.

Sale Price [sale_price]

Advertised sale price. All submitted prices must exactly match the price displayed on your website and include all applicable taxes and charges. Please review the details of the price attribute in our feed specifications for more information about formatting and policy.


  • You must still include the 'price' attribute in your feed, which should reflect the non-sale price (price for which you usually sell the item) displayed on your product landing pages.
  • Our policies require that you clearly display both non-sale and sale prices on your landing pages. The sale price must be lower than the non-sale price.

Sale Price Effective Date [sale_price_effective_date]


To submit the sale price effective date attribute, you must use a start and an end date, separated by a slash symbol “/”. The start is specified by the format (YYYY-MM-DD), followed by the letter ‘T’, the time of the day when the sale starts, followed by an expression of the timezone for the sale. The end date should be in the same format.

The timezone is expressed by a ‘+’ or ‘-’ and the number of hours that the timezone is ahead or behind Greenwich mean time. Here are some example timezones:

For example, a merchant has a product that will be on sale from 4pm (Pacific Standard Time) on March 1st until March 3rd at 4pm. The product is usually $15.00 but during the sale it will be available at $10.00. The merchant would enter the following information in his or her feed:

Price Sale Price Sale Price Effective Date
15.00 10.00 2011-03-01T16:00-0800/2011-03-03T16:00-0800

Time zone

We strongly recommend that you include the time zone to ensure accurate timing of your sale. Please also ensure that you are submitting the accurate time zone based on the time of the year and your country’s observation of any seasonal time changes. If no timezone is indicated in the attribute, the default time zone will be that of the feed’s target country.

For countries with multiple timezones, the default time zone is:

Country Default time zone
Australia +1000
Brazil -0300
Canada -0500
Central European countries +0100
Japan +0900
Mexico -0600
Russia +0400
United Kingdom Z
United States -0800
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