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Vehicle ads onboarding guide

Create, register, and submit your store feed (Optional)

Store Feed Specifications

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Step 5 of showing your local products on Google is creating, registering and submitting your feeds This is step 5a of the vehicle ads onboarding guide.

The most comprehensive means of providing your dealer locations is through linking your Google Business Profile account. Doing so will authoritatively associate your vehicle inventory with the correct location.

If you don’t have access to the Google Business Profile account which contains your store listings, you may use a “Store Feed” to provide locations. To ensure a valid match between your Store Feed and your vehicle inventory, we strongly recommend submitting all specified attributes. Reach out to your Google representative to request access to the store feed.

Important notes:

  1. Attribute headers: You must use the exact attribute headers listed below for your feed to be processed correctly.
  2. Recommended fields: It's recommended to provide the optional fields to match the data provided with locations on Google Maps and validate the locations. The address and other attributes provided (for example, phone number) should match the address of the dealer or location used in Google Maps.
  3. Data freshness: Information from the store feed will expire after 90 days. If the data from this feed expires, you'll receive a "Missing inventory data" disapproval for your products. Ensure that you re-upload your store feed at least once every 30 days.
  4. File size limit: Your store feed file can’t exceed 10,000 rows.
Attribute Description Content


A short identifier to identify a dealership. No need to be the same as the store code in your Business Profile. Should match with the store code in the primary product feed.



Postal address of the dealership.

Note: Submit the full street address, including the country.



Business or dealership name



Dealership phone number in international format



Business or dealership website URL


Similar to your primary feed as per Step 5b, register and submit your store feed under “Other feeds”. When registering your store feed, select “POS store” as the feed type.

This image shows you how to select POS store as the feed type when registering your store feed.

Once the store feed is submitted, it goes through a set of manual and AI-powered checks to ensure that the store codes match the store codes submitted in your vehicle feed and the dealership addresses and other details match with locations on Google Maps to ensure that the locations are validated.

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