About letting Google calculate your shipping speeds

If you’re a retailer that ships products to US customers and your warehouses are located in the US, you can choose to let Google calculate a unique shipping speed (sometimes called “delivery time”) for each of your US customers. Google does this by using the delivery locations of your customers and your warehouses, plus information from your shipping carrier, to estimate the product’s shipping speed.

The total shipping speed that each customer sees is based on handling time plus transit time, and is unique to that customer’s delivery location and the products they’re purchasing. You still provide the handling time, while Google will calculate the transit time and overall shipping speed.


Shipping speed is a key customer consideration. When Google calculates an estimated shipping speed, that speed is displayed directly in your listing, giving customers quick access to this key piece of information.

  • Clarity and accuracy: Manually calculated shipping speeds often require a wide range in order to be accurate (for example, a range of “3-7 business days”). Because it’s based on actual location and carrier data, the Google-calculated shipping speed will often be faster and more precise for the customer than the manually calculated one.
  • One-time entry. Activating this setting means that once it’s set up, your estimated shipping speeds are automatically calculated for eligible listings. This means you don’t have to set or adjust shipping speeds manually — just enter your carrier, warehouse, and service information, and Google will do the rest.

How it works

Google uses your warehouse location, your customer’s delivery location, and your carrier’s shipping information (for example, the time-in-transit tables related to the specific carrier service you select) to calculate a unique shipping speed that appears in your listings.

To participate, you need:

  • To ship to US customers.
  • To have warehouses based in the US.
    • Please note that for now, You’ll need to create a new shipping service for each warehouse if Google is calculating your shipping speeds. We’re working on streamlining this process.
  • To use one of our select carriers (UPS, USPS, FedEx).
    • If you’re using multiple carriers and/or carrier services, you’ll have to create a new shipping service for each one if Google is calculating your shipping speeds.

Google assumes that each of your warehouses has the same set of products, and will calculate shipping speeds based on this assumption.

  • If you have different products in different warehouses, you can create a shipping service that only works for specific products or regions.
Note: If you are a carrier and would like to be added to our list, complete this interest form.


Google-calculated shipping speeds are currently only available to retailers who ship products to US customers. Warehouses based outside of the US that ship to US customers are currently not eligible to use the feature. Google is constantly working to expand feature availability to more regions, and we’ll update you if this feature becomes available in more regions (including shipping to non-US customers).

About shipping speed (delivery time)

Shipping speed is an important piece of information for people evaluating a possible purchase. If you want to show this information, you can specify a time in transit for each of your shipping services and a handling time for each product.

Transit time refers to the number of business days it takes for a carrier to deliver a package once it is picked up from your facility. You can configure transit time options within each shipping service in your Merchant Center account.

Handling time refers to the number of business days needed to process an order before it ships. Handling time normally starts when an order is placed by a customer and ends when a carrier picks up the package for shipment. You submit this either in Merchant Center within the shipping service or with your product data (use the max_handling_time and min_handling_time attributes). Learn more about setting up shipping speed

Note: You can only take advantage of having shipping speed appear on your ads, free listings, and Buy on Google listings if you use a shipping service to provide your shipping settings. Any offers that use the shipping attribute will not have shipping speed (the shipping attribute overrides any shipping service settings).
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