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Minimum price [auto_pricing_min_price]

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Use the minimum price [auto_pricing_min_price] attribute to set the lowest or minimum advertised price (MAP) to which a product's price can be reduced. Google uses this information for features such as sale price suggestions, automated discounts, or dynamic promotions.

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When to use

Required Required for automated discounts and dynamic promotions.

If you want to specify a minimum price for your sale price suggestions, you can use the minimum price [auto_pricing_min_price] attribute to indicate the lowest price to receive sale price suggestions for.

If you are using the automated discounts or dynamic promotions feature, you must use the minimum price [auto_pricing_min_price] attribute to specify the minimum price to which your product can be reduced.


Follow these formatting guidelines to make sure Google understands the data you're submitting.

For details on when and how to submit values in English, learn more about submitting your product data.

Type Number plus currency (use ISO 4217 currency codes)
Repeated field No
File format Example entry
Text feeds 10.00 USD
XML feeds <g:auto_pricing_min_price>10.00 USD</g:auto_pricing_min_price>

To format your data for Content API, see the Content API for Shopping.

Minimum requirements

These are the requirements you'll need to provide a valid minimum price for your product.

  • Submit a currency for the minimum price [auto_pricing_min_price] field that matches the currency of the price [price] attribute. Learn more currency requirements for your target country
  • Submit a price that’s greater than "0" and between the cost of goods sold (cogs) [cost_of_goods_sold] attribute value (if provided) and up to 95% of the regular product price to be valid.
  • Don't provide more than 2 digits after a decimal. If you include more than 2 digits after the decimal, they'll automatically be rounded to the nearest acceptable value. For example, 1.0234 will be rounded to 1.02 and 29.8999 will be rounded to 29.90.
  • Comply with local laws when submitting price information.

Best practices

These best practices can help you go beyond the basic requirements to optimize your product data for performance.

  • Submit a minimum price that can be represented in your target country's currency (according to ISO 4217). For example, instead of 1.0012 USD, submit 1.01 USD. If your price can’t be represented in your target country's currency, then we’ll round it to a value that can.
  • Don’t include shipping costs in your minimum price. Instead, use Merchant Center shipping services or the shipping [shipping] attribute in your feed.



Product data for a Google t-shirt
Attribute Value

Title [title]

Google T-shirt

Price [price]

15.00 USD

Minimum price [auto_pricing_min_price]

11.00 USD
Cost of goods sold [cost_of_goods_sold] 8.00 USD

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