Create a Meet hardware video meeting

You can schedule a video meeting in Google Calendar to use a Google meeting room hardware device, such as a Chromebox, Chromebase, or Google Meet hardware. The people that you invite get the details that they need to join the meeting from a room or their device. You can find a link to the meeting in the event in Calendar or on the screen when you join the meeting.

To add guests from other organizations to a Google meeting room hardware meeting, simply add them as you would any other guest.

Depending on your edition of G Suite, Google Meet supports 100–250 participants per video meeting.

Before you begin

Before you create a video meeting in Meet hardware, make sure the following steps are complete.

  1. Verify that the G Suite requirements are complete, and that you can create Google Calendar events for all Google meeting room hardware that will be included in the video meeting.  
    • Your organization must use G Suite and Google Calendar. 
    • Microsoft Outlook events (or events from other calendaring systems) are not supported.  
  2. Associate each Google meeting room hardware device with a calendar resource on the same domain where the device is installed.   
    • For example, a device installed in must be associated with a calendar resource in A device installed in must be associated with a calendar resource in
    • To verify this, a user in each organization should sign in to the Google admin console for their organization's domain name and:
      1. Click Device Management.
      2. Click Google Meet hardware.
      3. Select a device name.  
      4. Verify that in the Assign a calendar section, a device is listed.
        For example: Assigned to: Mtn-View-01-Cfm

Schedule a video meeting

  1. Sign in using your G Suite account and open Calendar.
  2. Follow the steps in Schedule events.

Note: All new calendar events that you create include a meeting link.

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