Create a video call

Use these instructions for both the Chromebox for meetings and the Chromebase for meetings.

Scheduling a meeting that includes a video call is easy. From your Calendar invitation, meeting attendees will find everything they need to join from a room or from a personal device.

To create a video call:

  1. Sign in using your G Suite account.
  2. Go to Calendar and on the top left corner, click Create. Learn more
  3. Enter event details such as the event title, date, and time.
  4. Click More options.
  5. At the right, under Guests, enter an email to add guests from inside or outside your organization.
    Note: Guests can forward the meeting link to other people. If someone tries to join who was not invited to the Calendar event, a meeting participant from your organization must accept their request.
  6. (Optional) Enter a description, add any attachments, and specify any other meeting details.
  7. Click Rooms, add an available Google meeting room hardware room.
  8. (Optional) If you use classic Hangouts:
    1. If a name is not already assigned to your video call, click Add video call.
    2. (Optional) If you want to rename the video call, click Change name, enter a new name and click Enter. (The name must be 15 characters or fewer.)
    3. Click Save to send out an invitation that includes a link to the video call.
    4. Click Send to send an email invitation to guests or click 
    5. To add the invitation to the guests calendar but not send an email notification, click Don't send.
  9. (Optional) If you use Hangouts Meet, all new calendar events you create include a meeting link.
    1. Click Save.
    2. Click Send to add the meeting link and notify guests.


What if I didn’t add a video call to the invitation the first time I sent it?

No problem. If you use Hangouts Meet then the meeting link was added when you saved the invitation. 

If  you use classic Hangouts you can update the meeting to include video:

  1. In Calendar, open the invitation.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • If you booked a room with Google meeting room hardware, click Add video call, rename the call if needed, and click Save.
    • If you didn't book a room with Google meeting room hardware, click X next to the existing room, add a room with your Google meeting room hardware device, rename the room if needed, and click Save.
  3. Click Send.
What if I want to add more people and resend the invitation? Will they get a link to the video call?
Yes. Depending on the G Suite edition for your organization, remember that Google meeting room hardware supports up to 25 or 50 participants per video call. 
How do I invite guests from other organizations?
A video call with Google meeting room hardware is simply a call that is displayed on a monitor in a meeting room. To add guests from other organizations to a Google meeting room hardware call simply add them as you would any other guest. Learn more
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