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If you use for video calls, or need help on chat, visit the classic Hangouts Help Center.

Known issues

Note: If you are a G Suite administrator, see the G Suite known issues

Background image does not change in meeting rooms

Custom wallpapers are not yet supported with Hangouts Meet hardware and Chromebox for meetings if Hangouts Meet is enabled. Only a single background image is shown (additional images are not displayed).

Workaround: If cycling backgrounds or custom backgrounds are important, a G Suite administrator can consider putting the meeting room units in an OU that is not enabled for Hangouts Meet.

People can't hear me when using a Mac computer

If people can’t hear you in a Hangouts Meet video meeting, make sure that your microphone is turned on. Click Mute to turn on your microphone.

If you are using a Mac computer and your microphone is on, but people still can’t hear you, try the following options. In some cases, Mac computer settings may prevent Meet from using the computer’s microphone.

  1. Unmute your device. Go to your device system settings and make sure your microphone is not turned off.
  2. Unmute yourself in Meet. At the bottom of the screen, click Muteto turn on your microphone.
    Tip: Other people can mute you, but can’t unmute you.
  3. In your Chrome browser, enter chrome://restart to restart Chrome and reset all Chrome apps and extensions.
  4. Restart your computer

Learn about additional options to unmute your computer

I can't access Meet on my mobile device

Each version of the mobile Meet app is supported for 6 months after release. Upgrade to the latest version if an older version of the app is installed on your device.

It is not possible to add a phone number to an existing Calendar event after upgrading to the G Suite Enterprise license

After upgrading to the G Suite Enterprise edition, existing Calendar events with Meet video meetings do not include a dial-in number.  To add a dial in number, remove the video meeting from the event, save the event, and re-add the video meeting. 

Dial-in callers are limited to 3 hours

People who dial-in for audio-only access are dropped after 3 hours.

Workaround: When the call is dropped after 3 hours, dial back in to the meeting.

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