Get Started with Meet

Use Hangouts Meet to hold video meetings with people inside or outside your organization. You can join from a computer or mobile device, or from a conference room.

Meet must be turned on for your organization. Ask your G Suite administrator for more information if you do not see the Meet screen described in this Help Center.  

What you can do with Meet

  • Make video calls. Meet makes it easier than ever to start and join video meetings from mobile devices, computers, or a conference room. You can meet with up to 25 (G Suite Basic), 50 (Business, Education) or 100 (G Suite Enterprise, G Suite Enterprise for Education) people at a time. There is also no time limit on meetings you host with G Suite Enterprise or G Suite Enterprise for Education.

  • Invite people inside or outside your organization. Schedule a meeting using Google Calendar or invite people after you join the call.

  • Dial in from a phone. A phone number and PIN is automatically added to Meet video meetings. Anyone can use the number to dial-in (including external users and people using other G Suite editions).

  • Schedule meetings. All meetings scheduled with Google Calendar include a Meet video link.

    • Meetings also include a dial-in number so people can call in for audio access.

    • You can also dial-out to add someone by phone to a video meeting.

  • Start an instant meeting. On your phone, open the mobile app or, in your browser, go to start a meeting, and then invite others to join.

  • Share your screen. While in a meeting, you can share your screen to present slides or other information on your desktop.

  • Record a meeting. You can record video meetings for other people to watch later if you are the meeting organizer or in the organizer's domain.

  • Use multiple devices. Scheduled meetings are synced automatically across devices, so you can start a meeting on your computer and continue on another device, such as your phone.

Switch to Meet

If Meet is turned on for your entire organization, all new Calendar events include a Meet video call. You don’t need to do anything to switch. Previously scheduled calendar events still include a classic Hangouts video call, if applicable. Ask your administrator for more information.

Tip: If your organization still uses classic Hangouts, you can still join a Meet video call by clicking the link sent by someone else.

Note: G Suite administrators can turn Meet on or off, and control other settings. Learn more

What you need to get started on Meet

To create a video meeting, you need a G Suite account.

To join a video meeting, you need a supported web browser on a computer, or the Meet mobile app (no G Suite account required).

To learn how to use Meet, see the training and tutorials.

Tip: Click here to learn more about G Suite. If you’re not signed in to G Suite, you see red text.


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