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Google Duo and Google Meet have been combined into a new Meet app for video calling and meetings.Learn about changes to Google Duo.

  • You can access your meetings in the new Meet app . You can uninstall Meet (original) after you migrate to the new Meet app .
  • The original Meet app has been renamed to Meet (original) .
  • The Duo app name and icon are now Google Meet .
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Determine which experience you're in

The new Google Meet app : The updated Duo app
  • If your Google Duo app is up to date, it includes both video calling and meeting capabilities. The Google Duo app name and icon are now Meet .
  • If the Duo and Meet apps are both installed on your phone, also update your Meet app. Your legacy Meet app is now Meet (original) .
  • Video calling capabilities are still available in the updated Duo app on mobile devices at no cost. Conversation history, contacts, and messages remain. Learn how to get started with calling in Google Meet.
  • The available meeting features depend on your current Google Meet subscription plan. Learn about premium Meet features available for Google Workspace editions.

If your calling history or messages aren't displayed in your app

To view calling history and messages, you must use the new Meet app.

To check which app version you're in:

  1. In your app, at the top left, tap Menu and then Help.
  2. At the top right, tap More options and then Version info.
    • If your version starts with “2022”: You are in the Meet (original) app which doesn't include your Duo calling history. To view your calling history and messages, open your updated Duo app.
    • If your version starts with “17”: You are in the new Meet or updated Duo app and can view your calling history and messages.

If meetings don’t appear in your updated Duo app

  • To access meeting features, you must sign in with a Google Account. Accounts set up with only a phone number can’t access meeting features.
  • If you’re only registered with a phone number, you will be prompted to connect a Google Account in order to create, schedule, or join meetings.
    1. In the top right corner of your phone, tap the Profile picture .
      • On Android: You will find the Google Accounts registered on your device.
      • On iOS: You will find the Google Accounts signed in to other Google apps on your device.
      • If you don’t find a Google Account listed: Tap Add another account.
    2. Select a Google Account to connect.
      • After you connect Duo to your Google Account, you can use Duo across different devices.
      • People with your Google Account info, like your Gmail address, can ring you using the updated app.
  • Check that you're signed in with the correct Google Account. You can only view meetings that are associated with the Account you signed in with.
  • If you previously used Duo with a business or EDU account, your admin controls calling functionality through the “Additional Google Services" toggle. Learn how admins manage access to services.

Tip: To get future features and updates, make sure you turn on auto-updates. Update your app on Android devices.

Google Meet (original)
  • After you update your Google Meet app, the app changes to Meet (original) .
  • To receive the latest updates, download the new Meet app and uninstall the Meet (original) app.
Google Duo Duo: The legacy Duo app

You have access to Meet features if you received the July 2022 update. Learn how to use Google Meet features in the Google Duo app.

Tip: Update your Duo app Duo to get:

  • The new name and icon .
  • New meeting features including background effects, in-call chat, and captions.
Get the new Meet app in the play store or app store

Google Meet is your one app for video calling and meetings across all devices. Use video calling features like fun filters and effects or schedule time to connect when everyone can join.

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