Using organizations

As your advertising and measurement strategies become more complex, you can use organizations to centralize management of:

  • Product accounts
  • Users
  • Billing
  • Product-to-product integrations

After you've taken the initial steps to create an organization, add administrators, and link your product accounts, you've set yourself up to benefit from all of the advantages organizations offer.

Manage product links to the organization

One of the primary benefits to organizations is having a central hub for your product accounts.

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Manage users

You have users that function at both the organization and account levels.

At the organization level, users function in a variety of administrative roles from managing the organization itself to managing product accounts and users.

Users who have product-level permissions function accordingly in the context of those products.

From the organization, you can add and remove users, and manage permissions for the organization and linked product accounts.

Learn more about organization-level roles and permissions.

Learn more about managing users, including:

Manage billing and monitor usage

Organizations let you have all the information related to billing (orders, billing accounts, invoices) and product-account usage in one place.

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Manage product integrations

One benefit of using the Marketing Platform advertising and analytics products together is that you can create data-sharing integrations between those products, between Platform products and other Google products, and between Platform products and third-party products.

The data sharing between products lets you do things like:

  • Export Display & Video 360 data to Analytics so you can analyze the data in Analytics reports, and then create audiences in Analytics based on that data and export them back to Display & Video 360 to use in your marketing campaigns.
  • Import first-party data and custom audiences from BlueKai and LiveRamp to Display & Video 360 for targeting and suppression.

Marketing Platform's Integration Center provides:

  • A list of your current integrations, along with configuration access to each one
  • A product-by-product list of possible integrations you can create

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