Link Google Ads accounts to Google Marketing Platform

You can link the following types of Google Ads accounts to an organization:

Learn more about linking Google Ads accounts to to Google Marketing Platform.

Prerequisites for linking / unlinking Google Ads accounts and organizations

Operation Google Ads permission Organization permission
Link  Admin User
Unlink Admin Org admin

If you have the necessary permissions for both Google Ads and your organization, you can complete the linking operation.

If you have the necessary permission for only your organization, you can send a request to the relevant Google Ads Admin, and that Admin can complete the linking process.

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Link a Google Ads account to your organization

Learn more about linking, unlinking, and moving accounts to different organizations.

See linked accounts

  1. Sign in to Google Marketing Platform.
  2. Click Administration > Organizations.
  3. Click the relevant organization.
  4. Sales Partner: Click Clients, click a client name, then in Products, click Google Ads...
    Client/Standard user: In Products, click Google Ads... see the individual accounts that have already been linked.


When you link a Google Ads account to your organization, users on that account are added to your organization with the role of User. When organization users have access to Google Ads accounts, the Google Ads icon appears next to their names.


User management

You cannot add users to a Google Ads account from the organization user-management pages.

You can remove Google Ads users from:

  • Just the Google Ads account
  • The organization and the Google Ads account

Learn more about adding and removing users from an organization and from product accounts.

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