Preview, validate, and view the performance of your property with Hotel Center

The "Property details" page lets you customize searches so that you can validate and preview your property listing using a variety of scenarios. You can do the following:
  • Ensure that a property is participating in property ads or free booking links, preview how your property appears on Google Search, Google Maps, or YouTube, and check if your landing page is working as intended.
  • Check your property's base price and room pricing for a given itinerary, occupancy, and other details.

You can also:

  • View the number of impressions, clicks, and CTR your property received on Google in the last 30 days in the "Performance overview" card. Switch between reports to view total traffic, free booking link traffic, and paid booking link traffic.
  • Add more context to the previewed booking link, such as the user's device type, language, and country.
  • Check your basic property information, such as address, phone number, and source of property information (such as your hotel list file).
  • View an estimate of booking value driven by booking links. This estimate is based on a 5% conversion rate from clicks that occurred for a specific property.
  • Check your price accuracy score.
  • (Suppliers only) Assess how your property's performance compares to similar hotels that travelers have also considered.

Preview your ad in the new Hotel Center

The “Property details” page simulates the ad serving environment so that you can diagnose potential issues with a property’s status, landing page (formerly known as point of sale), price accuracy, and generated booking links.


  1. Sign in to your Hotel Center account.
  2. In the search bar, enter the property name or property ID you’d like to preview, and click on the property.
  3. On the “Property details” page, you'll find your property photo with a map location.
  4. Under "Preview", enter check-in and check-out dates. The default value is a one-night stay that occurs 2 weeks from the current date.
  5. You'll also find the base price, any conditional prices, and any room bundle pricing below.
  6. Optional: You can also use Advanced options to validate your ad for different devices, occupancy, rate rules, user countries, languages, and more.

View how your ad appears on Search and Maps, and view your landing page

On the "Property details" page, click View on Search or View on Maps to view how your ad appears. You can also click on Landing page to check if your landing page is working as intended.

Use Advanced options to validate your ad

On the “Property details” page, click "Advanced options" to validate your ad for the following factors:

  • Device: Select "Desktop", "Mobile", or "Tablet" to view how your ad appears to a customer searching for your ad using a specific device type.
  • Country: Enter the country from which a hypothetical customer would use Google to search for your property. The default location is the country where the property is located.
  • Google channel: Select the Google property from which the hypothetical customer views the ad. Possible values are:
    • Google Search (default selection): Simulates results from an organic search, typically by searching on Google
    • Google Maps: Simulates a search from Google Maps
    • YouTube: Simulates a search from YouTube
  • Occupancy: Enter the occupancy of a room. The default value is 2 for adults and zero for children.
  • Signed in: This details if the traveler is signed in to their Google account.
  • Rate rule ID: Enter a conditional rate if applicable for a hypothetical customer.
    • Note: Setting a conditional rate input in "Preview" ignores other query parameters, such as country, language, and currency.

Tip: Review your booking link, price, and other details.

Try a new search for the same property with different options. After you change the options, you can review if your booking link is serving, its price, and other details.

Booking link details

After entering in your check-in dates and any advanced options, you can review the following details about your ad:

Feed ready?: A "Yes" value indicates the ad is showing for the options you selected. A value of "No" (followed by a status message) indicates that the property isn't showing in the results. Refer to “Status messages” in the section below for more information.

Price source: This indicates whether the property price was retrieved from cache or live pricing.

Matched landing page: This is the ID of the landing page that this ad uses when served. If you have multiple booking sites, then the ID is determined by using Google's landing page matching rules.

About the "Status" field

The "Status" field will show the following:

Status messages

The following table describes the status messages found on the “Property details” page:

Status More information
Inactive account Contact Google using the contact form.
No available price Either no price matching the selected itinerary has been supplied to Google, the request for live pricing failed, or a price has been provided in the wrong format and is considered invalid and unavailable. What you can do:
  • Check that your prices are available by clicking on your price list. This displays the prices in the Google cache for the various itineraries from the current date forward.
  • Check your price configuration to set the property as available.
  • Enter different dates for your hypothetical itinerary to preview your ad. You can also use feed status to check for price feed errors or that your price feed is configured to provide prices for this itinerary.
No available price for this user The price is restricted because it uses conditional rates.
Suspended Property Read more about our Price Accuracy Policy or how to handle Price Accuracy violations.
No matching landing page Read more about landing pages matching rules.
No taxes and fees Read more about our Price Accuracy Policy or our Taxes and Fees Policy.
No currency conversion for available price The price provided had an invalid currency code during conversion. Learn more about monitoring your price feed status

About your property details

The “Property details” page will also show information about your property's address, phone, and when your hotel list was updated. If the information on this card is incorrect, you'll need to either:

  • Manually upload a new hotel list feed with corrected information.
  • Update your XML file.

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