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Get connected to the millions of travelers around the world searching for hotels on Google every day

Travelers use Google to do research about where they want to stay. In addition to an accurate address, phone number, and website link, Google can show your direct booking link. Showing accurate pricing and up-to-date booking and availability information can help travelers book your hotel. Benefits of connecting your rates to Google include:

  • Display your hotel availability and rates on Google Search, Maps, and other services
  • Connect with new and returning users and directing them to your site to book directly
  • Get performance data and insights that matter to you

Free booking links

Hotel ads

Free links, with hotel pricing and availability, to drive traffic and bookings to your site Paid links to expand your reach and drive even more traffic and bookings to your site

The following guides are made to help you get started quickly. Read the descriptions below and pick the right path for you!

Hotel owner

You own one or more commercial properties offering lodging and guest services provided by on-site staff. (Example: hotel, motel, resort hotel, inn, hostel)

Note: “Hotel” is used here generically to mean lodging with permanent on-site staff. Learn more about how we classify properties

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Connectivity partner

You receive or manage rates, rooms, and availability for one or more hotel owners. (Example: online travel agency, meta search engine, central management system, property management system, channel manager, booking engine)

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You work with hotel owners to market and advertise their properties. (Example: marketing agency)

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Vacation rentals partners

Your company receives or manages rates, availability, and acts as the merchant for bookings for a set of vacation rental properties. (Example: property management business with a real time booking functionality).

Vacation rental properties offer home-like amenities for short term rental to others. (Example: house, apartment, cabin for short term rental)

Note: Individual rentals by owners are not eligible to participate in Vacation Rentals at this time. To show on Vacation Rentals on Google, you must be a registered property management business with a direct booking website or be listed on a booking site that is integrated with Vacation Rentals on Google. Learn more about how we classify properties

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