Connectivity partners: How to get started on Google

Note: This guide provides details on the steps for building a direct integration via an API to Google. This is intended for connectivity partners that receive or manage rates, rooms, and availability for one or more hotel owners. (Example: online travel agency, meta search engine, central management system, property management system, channel manager)

If your business does not fit this description, don’t worry. There are alternative ways to get started on Google.

Why become a Google connectivity partner?

Millions of people around the world search for hotels and other lodging on Google every day. By integrating with Google, you can surface and promote availability, rates, and inventory for the hotels you work with.


  • Display your hotels’ availability and rates on Google Search, Maps, and other services.
  • Enable the hotel partners you work with to connect with new and returning users.
  • Get the performance data and insights to show to even more users.

How to connect to Google

1. Tell us about your company

Whether you're a property management software company, channel manager, online travel agency, metasearch engine, or another third-party hotel connectivity partner, we are interested in learning more about you and your goals.

Become a Google Connectivity partner

2. Account setup

We'll send you a Content Licensing Agreement to review and sign. We'll then set up a Hotel Center account, which allows  you to manage your property rates and availability and view reporting. This is different from a Google Ads account, if you have one.

3. Develop and test the integration

Once your Hotel Center account is activated, you'll share your list of properties, content, prices, and landing pages with Google. Our technical specialists are ready to provide you with assistance and feedback along the way.

4. Certification

Before going live, Google will review your integration to ensure that it meets our quality standards. To give users a great experience, we want to make sure that the price displayed on the booking link matches the price on the landing page. Learn about our price accuracy policy

5. Go live and scale

Once your integration is live, you'll be able to monitor your performance in your Hotel Center account. We'll continue to work closely with you to scale up your integration to include all of your hotels. Once your integration is live, you can participate in free booking links and view performance data directly in your Hotel Center account.

6. Expand reach with ads (Optional)

Once you’ve connected your rates, you can choose to participate in hotel campaigns in Google Ads at any time and gain more control over where (and how often) you show on booking links.

Integration via APIs:

There are 2 standards available for connecting via an API. The recommended path for you will depend on your business model and the data you have available.

ARI (Availability, rates, and inventory) - Recommended for all connectivity partners

This standard is recommended for connectivity partners that have access to nightly rates with restrictions, availability, and inventory. This standard also supports promotional rates (optional).


This standard is recommended for connectivity partners that don’t have all of their prices stored in their system, but have to fetch them live from third party systems. Google will recommend itineraries to cache for all your hotels based on their popularity on Google. If you know when all your hotel(s) prices change but can send only itinerary prices to Google, you could use Changed pricing as an add on.

Use our integration starter guide to learn more about the onboarding process and our APIs. The topics covered can help facilitate discussions with your technical teams and support you in making the decision to become a Google Connectivity partner.

Integration starter guide

[Optional] Run hotel ads

Once you share the rates with us, free booking links will automatically start showing in your listings.

You can also choose to participate in Hotel Ads, an option in Google Ads. How you choose to advertise will depend on your business size, budget, and your market. These ads are designed to let you choose the travelers you want to reach, create your own ads, and get your message directly to travelers to get more bookings. Learn more about how travelers find hotel booking links. Hotel ads appear globally and can be displayed in every major language and currency, with a few restrictions.

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