Create a family on Google

You can create a family group with up to six people. When you create the group, you'll become the family manager.

Create a family

You can create a family group when you:

I received an error when creating my family

Age requirement

To manage a family group, you must be above the age of majority in your country.

If you're younger, a family manager can invite you to join their family group.

You're already in a family group

You can only be part of one family group at a time. To create a new family group, delete your current family group and then create a new one.

Account not supported

You can't create a family with a Google Account from work, school or another organisation.

Problem creating family group

You can only change family groups once every 12 months. You'll need to wait 12 months to create or join a new family.

Country not supported or family not supported

Make sure that the family manager and family members all have the same Google Play country.

I see a CVN challenge when I invite family members

If you set up a family payment method, you may be asked to verify the CVN number for your credit card when you invite people to your family.

As part of this verification, you might see a pending authorisation on your credit card statement.

These authorisations are required so that Google can make sure the card is valid. These aren't actual charges and you won’t pay for them.

Authorisations might stay in your account for 1–14 working days. If you still see the pending authorisation after 14 working days, contact your bank for more information.

Family member roles

Family manager

The family manager is the person who creates the family.

The family manager is the only person who can:

Any adult in your family can subscribe to Google One. The Google One plan manager doesn't have to be the same person as the family manager. 


Note: Anyone the family manager designates as a parent must be above the age of majority in their country.

Parents will be able to:

  • Approve Google Play purchases
  • Change family members' purchase-approval settings and parental controls
  • Use Family Link to help supervise Google Accounts for children
Family member

A family member can join a family group when they're invited by the family manager.

If someone has invited you to their family group, learn more about joining a family group.

Google products that you can use as a family

Once you've created a family group, you can:

  • Use the family payment method: If you set one up, your family can use the family payment method to make purchases on Google Play.
  • Use family services: Use or subscribe to family services, such as Google One, the Google Play Family Library, the Google Play Music family plan and the YouTube TV family plan. Visit to take a look at all the services available for your family. 
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