Provide consent & add supervision to your child’s Google Account

Due to changes in European Union law, the minimum age requirements for managing your own Google Account may have changed in your country. Children and teens who are now under their country’s minimum age requirement will need a parent to consent to their continued use of Google’s services and agree to supervise their Google Account. If you don't wish to consent to your child’s continued use of Google’s services, you can also delete his or her Google Account.

How added supervision works

What parents can see & do

If you (the parent) consent to your child’s continued use of Google’s services and you agree to supervise your child’s Google Account, you can use Family Link to manage things like:

What parents can’t see or do

Family Link does not allow parents to:

  • Remotely see their child’s screen
  • See their child’s past searches
  • See their child’s Chrome browsing history
  • See the videos their child watches
  • See or reset their child’s account password
  • Read their child’s emails or messages
  • Listen to their child’s calls
  • Choose a new screen lock password on their child’s device
  • Erase their child’s device or data


To add supervision required by law to their child’s existing Google Account, a parent needs to:

  • Have a Google Account. If you don’t have one you can create a Google Account for free.
  • Be 18 or older (or the appropriate age in their country)
  • Live in the same country as their child

Set up supervision

Before you begin

You and your child may want to set up supervision together. To complete supervision setup, you (the parent) will need to have or create a Google Account.

Tip: If you sign in to Google products like Gmail, you already have a Google Account.

Step 1: Choose a parent supervisor

This step should be completed by the child.

Have your child:

  1. Go to the primary email for their Google Account.
  2. Find and open the email from Google titled, "Action required: Important updates to your Google Account."
  3. Select Set Up Supervision and then Get started.
  4. Follow the instructions to make sure they understand and agree to supervision.
  5. Enter the primary email address connected to your (the parent’s) Google Account. This can be any email address you use to sign in to Google products, like Gmail.

Step 2: Set up supervision

This step should be completed by the parent.

  1. Go to the inbox for the email address your child entered in Step 1.
  2. Find and open the "Action required …" email from Google.
  3. In the email, select Set Up Supervision and then Next.
  4. Sign in to your Google Account. Be sure to specify or select the email address your child entered in Step 1.
    • Note: You may need to confirm your birthday.
  5. Follow the instructions to finish setting up supervision.

Step 3: Finish adding supervision to an Android device

If your child uses an Android device, ask your child to follow these steps:

  1. On your Android device, swipe down from the top of your screen to show your notifications.
  2. Tap the "Account Action Required" notification and then Next and then Install.
    • If you get a "Can’t use account" error, follow these steps and then try again.
  3. Name your device and tap Next.
  4. Scroll down to review the apps on your device and tap Next and then Next.
  5. Scroll down to learn how Family Link Manager works and tap Activate this device administrator and then Continue and then OK and then Next and then Done.

Fix "can’t use account" error

To finish adding supervision to your child’s Android device, they’ll need to remove other accounts from the device. They shouldn’t remove the supervised account.

Note: When your child removes an account from their device, everything associated with that account is also deleted from your child’s device. This includes email, contacts, and settings.

Have your child:

  1. Open their Android device's Settings app.
  2. Tap Accounts. If you don't see "Accounts," tap Users & accounts.
  3. Tap the account you want to remove and then Remove account.
  4. Follow the steps to finish adding supervision to an Android device.

If your child has a Google Classroom account

They can add it back to their Android device after they have finished adding supervision.

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