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Get started with your Nest doorbell

To help you get started, we’ve included some articles about how to set up and use your Nest doorbell, such as how to watch and share video, how to talk to visitors, what the lights and sounds mean on your doorbell, and how to change settings.

If you want to get started with Nest cameras, go to Get started with your camera.

Installation and setup

You should always follow the detailed app instructions to install and set up your doorbell. To get a preview of what you’ll need to do, you can refer to the articles below. The articles also have links to installation videos.

Note: If your Nest Doorbell 2nd gen (wired) doesn't meet the power and voltage requirements of your home, you might need to upgrade your system transformer.

Watch and share doorbell video

You can see your doorbell’s live video stream in the app. If you want to go back in time to see what has happened, it’s easy to do. You can also share your video stream or clips from your history with other people in a few different ways.

Nest doorbell basics

You can speak to visitors with your phone and the doorbell’s microphone, or use pre-recorded Quick Responses. Your camera will use its lights and sounds to let you know what’s happening, but you can turn them off if you want.

Doorbell notifications

Your doorbell will send notifications to your phone when something happens, but if you’re getting too many alerts or not enough, you may want to change the settings. You can also add a Nest Aware subscription to get more meaningful alerts and filter out ones you don’t want.

Nest Aware subscriptions

The articles below give you an overview of what you get with a Nest Aware subscription and other details so that you can make an informed decision before you purchase a subscription.
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