Create a personalization


A personalization is a set of changes made to your website for a specific group of visitors. Unlike experiments, personalizations can run forever and don't have variants. They're a single set of changes that are shown to everyone who meets the targeting conditions.

Personalizations can be created three ways:

Method 1 – Create a new personalization

Create a new personalization by following these steps:

1. Navigate to your Optimize container page and click CREATE EXPERIENCE.

2. Enter a name, the URL of the web page you want to edit, and click Personalization.

3. Click CREATE.


4. Make site changes using the visual editor and add targeting rules just like you would for an experiment. Note: you don't need to specify any objectives.


5. Click START to begin running your newly created personalization.


6. Your running personalization will look like this.


Method 2 – Permanently deploy a variant

While you are running an experiment, you can deploy any of your variants – usually the leader – permanently as a personalization. The personalization contains the changes from the selected variant and the targeting rules from the experiment. To deploy an experiment variant as a personalization:

1) Click More More next to a variant:


2) Select Deploy variant:


3) Enter a name and (optionally) check Measurement if you want to view reports in Optimize and Google Analytics.

If you opt-in for measurement, Optimize will send additional Google Analytics hits that will allow you to view reports about your personalization traffic in Optimize and Google Analytics. Learn more.


4) Click "Continue" to end your experiment and start running the personalization:

Everyone who meets the targeting conditions will now see your changes, including visitors who had previously seen a different variant.


Method 3 – Create a draft personalization from a variant

This allows you to create a personalization based on your experiment variant while keeping the experiment running. The personalization is created in a draft state and you can modify it before starting it. Follow the below steps to create a draft personalization from a variant:

1) Click on the More button next to the variant


2) Select the "Create draft personalization" option


3) Specify a name and choose whether to capture measurement data:


4) Click "Continue" to create the draft personalization. Your original experiment will continue running and you can start the personalization when you are ready.


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