A new look for attribution reports in Google Ads

March 5, 2020

Attribution in Google Ads (previously known as Search attribution) gives you detailed information about the paths that lead people to convert for your business. Every business is different, so reports cover a range of insights–from the most common sequences of ad interactions leading up to a conversion, to how much credit is assigned to each interaction along the way.

To make it easier for you to uncover these insights going forward, we're launching a new experience in Google Ads that features a simplified and intuitive set of attribution reports.

Get to the most important insights, faster

The new experience can help you quickly understand how customers interact with your marketing throughout the purchase cycle, making it easy for you to take action in the areas that are driving results. We’ve combined some reports and removed others to help you get the most important insights, faster. Starting today, available attribution reports in Google Ads include:

  • Overview
  • Top paths
  • Path metrics
  • Assisted conversions
  • Model comparison

Image of new attribution reports UI

Examples of cards on the revamped overview page

The revamped overview page helps you better visualize your customers’ paths to conversion. For example, you can see the percentage of customers who converted after multiple clicks on your ads. You’ll also be able to see the percentage of customers who engaged with your ads on each device, and who did so using more than one device.

Google Ads UI showing how to compare different attribution models with the model comparison report

Compare different attribution models with the model comparison report

Model comparison helps you compare your cost per conversion and return on ad spend for different attribution models, such as last click, rules-based, and data-driven attribution.

Attribution reports can be found in Google Ads by clicking the tools icon Google Ads | tools [Icon] in the upper right. Then, under Measurement, select Attribution.

Learn more about attribution reports and attribution models.

Posted by Charles Huyi, Product Manager, Google Ads

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