About Smart Mode and Expert Mode

Before you start

Identify whether you’re in Smart Mode or Expert Mode. If this icon Google Ads "Settings" for Smart Mode icon in the top right corner of your Google Ads account is called “Settings”, you’re in Smart Mode. If the icon Google Ads "Settings" for Smart Mode icon is called “Tools & settings”, you’re in Expert Mode.

Your Google Ads experience will differ slightly depending on whether you’re in Smart Mode or Expert Mode.

Smart Mode is the simplified version of Google Ads. It was designed to simplify the advertising experience, so businesses can drive real results and save time setting up and managing campaigns.

Every campaign in Smart Mode is a Smart campaign. Smart campaigns let advertisers choose their business goals and where they want to advertise, then Google uses AI to deliver real results tailored to those goals, like phone calls, actions on their website, and store visits, making it easy to reach more customers.

Most new Google Ads users will join Google Ads in Smart Mode.

Expert Mode offers the full range of Google Ads features and campaign types. While it gives advertisers more complete steering over their bidding strategies, it also requires more complex management. This is why we recommend it for advanced marketers and advertisers.

Compare Smart Mode versus Expert Mode

Smart Mode Expert Mode
Create Smart campaigns Create all campaign types
Set your budget and goals, and we’ll take care of the rest

Steer your settings and campaign type

(App, video and more)

Lightweight maintenance (~15 minutes per week) Ongoing management required (1+ hour per week)
Assisted ad setup, optimized keywords and more Powerful steering for keywords, bidding and more
Simple, easy-to-read performance reports Detailed, custom performance reports

Switching from Smart Mode to Expert Mode

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from the AI technology and time saving benefits of Smart campaigns. However, if you desire more advanced features or other campaign types in Google Ads, here’s how you can switch to Expert Mode from Smart Mode.

  1. Once signed into your Google Ads account, click the Settings icon Google Ads "Settings" for Smart Mode icon in the top right corner.
  2. Select Switch to Expert Mode.

Once you’ve switched to Expert Mode, you’ll be able to access the full Google Ads experience and create all Google Ads campaign types, e.g. Search, Display, Video, App, Shopping.

Note: Once your account is switched to “Expert Mode”, you cannot revert your account to Smart Mode. However, you can always edit your Smart campaigns from Expert Mode, just like you would edit any other campaign.

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