Demographic targeting in Smart campaigns

This article is about adding demographic targeting to Smart campaigns that use the "Get more brand awareness with video views" goal.

Find people who are likely to be within a particular age range, gender, or parental status with demographic targeting in Smart campaigns.

How it works

When you choose to target demographic groups, your ads will show to people who fit in those demographic groups. Keep in mind that demographic targeting is an option to narrow your targeting: it prevents people outside of your chosen demographics from seeing your ads.

You can choose the following demographic groups when creating the campaign:

  • Age: "18-24," "25-34," "35-44," "45-54," "55-64," "65+," and "Unknown"
  • Gender: "Female," "Male," and "Unknown"
  • Parental status: "Parent," "Not a parent," and "Unknown"

Keep in mind that household income targeting isn’t available for Smart campaigns.

Learn more about how we determine demographic information.


Ayesha is working with a video game company to market the company’s highly-anticipated release of their next video game. The company is providing all customers who pre-order the video game with exclusive access to a virtual currency that they can spend on in-game products. Since the company’s audience tends to be younger, Ayesha decides to target the age ranges "18 to 24" and "25 to 34".

"Unknown" category

Google Ads can't know or infer the demographics of all people. “Unknown” refers to people whose age, gender, parental status, or household income we haven’t identified.

In addition, some websites on the Display Network opt out of demographic targeting, so if you want to show your ads on those sites, leave the "Unknown" category selected. When you target by a type of demographic, the "Unknown" demographic category is selected by default because you can reach a significantly wider audience.


Exclude the "Unknown" demographic category only if you're sure you want to restrict your campaign to a narrow audience. Excluding "Unknown" might prevent a substantial number of people from seeing your ads, some of whom you might want to reach.

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