About the migration from legacy display ads to responsive display ads

To simplify our suite of asset-based creatives, we’re moving all smart display ads and legacy dynamic display ads template ID 491 into the new responsive display ad format. This new ad format has all the features of smart display ads that you know well, plus added functionality such as an enhanced preview experience and additional user reporting. Learn more about responsive display ads.

Next steps

To make your transition easier, we’ll be helping out by auto-creating responsive display ads using your ads assets around the middle of this year. They’ll be set to paused, so you can review and edit them if needed, and then set them to run once you are ready. Learn how to manage your responsive display ads
Finally, in November this year, you can expect smart display ads and legacy dynamic display ads template ID 491 to be fully deprecated.


Moving to responsive display ads is designed to offer you a better advertiser experience, including: 

  • Enhanced ad preview experience, which shows the most popular ad layouts and ad sizes
  • Access to video assets
  • New UI features, such as a combinations report, asset guidance, and suggestions
  • Better asset-selection and format-selection models
  • The ability to use the editor and web API, as well as bulk uploads
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