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Note: This article applies only to Hotel campaigns in Google Ads. If you haven't yet migrated your campaigns to Google Ads, read about bidding in Hotel Centre.

Depending on the bid strategy that you choose, you can adjust your bid for Hotel ads. Doing so allows you to bid higher or lower for such factors as the length of stay, the check-in day, the advanced booking window or the type of device that the traveller is using.

When you use bid adjustments, your final bid is calculated on your base bid plus any bid adjustments, multiplied by the number of nights for the traveller stays.

Availability and bidding rules

  • Bid adjustments are available only for the Manual CPC, CPC% or Enhanced CPC bidding strategies in Google Ads. Commissions campaigns support a -100% device bid adjustment. Learn about bidding strategies for Hotel campaigns
  • When you set up a campaign, you can choose a maximum effective bid limit. If you choose this option, any combination of base bids plus bid adjustments won't exceed the maximum effective bid limit.
  • If you create bid adjustments, the adjustment will be used unless a campaign or ad group is paused.
  • Bid adjustments set at the campaign level will apply to all ad groups within that campaign. Bid adjustments set at the ad group level will apply to all hotel groups in that ad group.
  • This article describes how to use Google Ads to apply bid adjustments. You can also set bid adjustments with the Google Ads API.

Types of bid adjustments for Hotel ads

Bid adjustments can be based on one or more of the following dimensions:

  • Location: Where the traveller is located.
  • Device: The type of device that the traveller is using to search for hotels, such as mobile, desktop or tablet.
  • Length of stay: How long the traveller indicated that they would stay at the property, up to 30 days. You may set a maximum of 30 adjustments.
  • Check-in day: The day of the week that the traveller intends to stay at the hotel.
  • Date type: Specifies adjustments to apply to your Hotel ads based on whether users search for specific dates or simply search and see prices with default dates.
  • Advance booking window: How far in advance the traveller wants to book the hotel (up to 330 days). You may set a maximum of 10 adjustments.
  • Audience lists: A Google Ads audience list, such as for customers or website visitors.

Bid adjustments can be set at the campaign and ad group level as shown:

Campaign bid adjustments Ad group bid adjustments
Device Audience

Check-in day

Audience * (see note below) Length of stay User set dates Advanced booking window

The following table shows the valid range of values and levels at which manual bid adjustments can be applied for Hotel ads.

Adjustment Valid range Level (where custom bid adjustment is settable)
Campaign Ad group Hotel group
Device types -100% to +900% YES YES NO
Location -90% to +900% YES NO NO
Advance booking window -100% to +900% NO YES NO
Check-in day -100% to +900% NO YES NO
Length of stay -100% to +900% NO YES NO
Date type -50% to +100% NO YES NO
Audience list 0% to +200% YES YES* NO
Enhanced CPC auto YES NO NO


  • *You can add an audience at the ad group level and can edit the bid adjustment in the 'Audiences' page. Add audience targeting to an ad group or campaign

  • If you're setting values in the Google Ads API, they'll appear as decimals. A value of 1.0 set in the Google Ads API indicates no change in the base bid. A value of 0.1 in the Google Ads API is a 90% decrease in the base bid, while a value of 2.0 is a 100% increase in the base bid.

  • When you set more than one bid adjustment in your campaign, those adjustments are typically multiplied together to determine how much your bid will increase or decrease. Bear in mind that combined bid adjustments can't exceed a 900% bid increase. For example, a $1 bid with a device increase of 900%, combined with a location increase of 900%, will result in a bid of only $10. The lowest possible bid adjustment when combining multiple bid adjustments is -90%.
  • If an ad group has a device adjustment set, that value will be used instead of the campaign device adjustment. For example, if a campaign sets the device type adjustment for desktop devices to 2, and the ad group sets it to 1.5, the ad group adjustment of 1.5 will be used.
  • Enhanced CPC can be used together with -100% negative bid adjustments to exclude certain traffic from your campaign. For instance, if you bid $5, select Enhanced CPC, and also set a -100% bid adjustment for mobile devices, your bid will be $0 for mobile devices.

Combined effects of bid adjustments

Bid adjustments can combine to exceed your base bid, as the following example shows:

Base bid of 5% CPC on a $100/night hotel room Running total bid
Bid for one night $5
Bid for 3 nights $15
Campaign bid adjustment, Spain hotels, 20% $18
Ad group bid adjustment, 20% for 7-day advanced booking window $21.60

Bear in mind:

The maximum positive bid adjustment is 900% (which is 10 times the base bid).The maximum negative bid adjustment is -90%. However, advanced booking window, check-in day, length of stay, and device bid adjustments have an additional setting of -100% (resulting in a bid of 0).

Combined bid adjustments can't have a +900% or -90% bid adjustment. If the eligible fields are set to -100%, then the stacked bid multiplier would also be set to -100%. The eligible fields can include 0%. For example, a $1 bid with a device increase of 900%, combined with a location increase of 900%, will result in a bid of only $10.

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