Fix linking issues between Google Ads and Google My Business accounts

Once you link your Google Ads account and your Google My Business (GMB) account, or edit your business's location in the Google My Business product interface, both of your accounts should sync within 24 hours. Edits made to your business information in GMB can take up to 24 hours to show in Google Ads.

You can see the progress of your accounts' linking on the 'Ad extensions' tab in Google Ads.

After approximately 24 hours, the 'Ad extensions' tab should show the total number of locations that have been updated as a result of the linked accounts. If there are locations you expect to see in the 'Ad extensions' tab in your Google Ads account, but don’t see any locations, make sure that the locations in your GMB account follow these guidelines:

  • Business name – Enter a business name with 80 characters or less.
  • Address line 1 – This is required. Don't leave this box blank.
  • Street address – Enter an address with no more than 80 characters.
  • Country code – This is required. Don't leave this box blank.
  • URL – Enter a URL with no more than 35 characters.

Bear in mind

Changing the password of your GMB account won't require re-linking from Google Ads.
The following two situations might delete feed items for location extensions:

  1. Changing (adding or removing) a filter at the account-level location extension. Any feed items that don't match the filter will be deleted.
  2. Adding a Google Ads label to the listing in Google My Business, and then filtering only those locations with labels at the account level. All listings that had a label added are then re-synced to Google Ads as a new feed item ID.
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