Phone number verification for call and location assets

Verify your phone numbers

For your assets to be approved, you'll need to show that the phone numbers in your ads are for the business being promoted.

Use any one of these two methods to verify the phone number in your ad assets:

  1. Show us that your phone number appears on your website. Ensure the phone number used in your asset is present on the website featured in your ad. This means that if the phone number appears in ads for different websites, then that phone number must appear on at least one page for each of those websites. The number must also appear in text and will not meet the policy if it appears as an image. Your phone number will be more easily detected and verified if it is featured on a landing page that is visited frequently.

    Example: Phone number on your website
    Status Result Reason
    Your phone number appears in text on your website ApprovedApproved Google could verify the phone number on your website.
    Your phone number appears in an image on your website, but is not present in any text. DisapprovedDisapproved Your phone number must be present in the text of your website in order for Google to verify it.
    Your phone number appears in an image, but is also present in text on your website or as the alternate text for the image. ApprovedApproved Alternate text for images can also be used to verify your website.
    Example: Using a phone number with different websites

    Acme Sports Company has two websites:, and The company does not use conversion tracking tag or remarketing tags and they do not have a Search Console account. Here's how this new policy might affect their call assets or location assets that include a phone number.

    Phone number on website Phone number shown in ad Result
    Phone number only appears on The phone number is shown in ads featuring these landing pages:
    Disapproved Disapproved

    The phone number has not been verified, since it does not appear on at least one page within the website.

    Phone number appears on both of these landing pages:
    The phone number is shown with ads featuring these landing pages:
    Approved Approved

    The phone number has been verified since it appears on at least one other page within both and websites.

  2. Or prove you own the domain. You can also verify the phone number in your assets by proving ownership of your ad's display URL domain using any one of the methods below.

Fix an unverified or disapproved phone number

Call assets

Once you’ve fixed a disapproved phone number, you can resubmit it for review: 

  1. Log into your Google Ads account
  2. Click the Ads & Assets on the page menu, then click Assets at the top of the page.
  3. Select Asset type: Call assets from the drop-down menu and click Apply.
  4. Click “Add filter” and select Status. Choose Disapproved and click Apply.
  5. Hover over the asset that you would like to resubmit and a box will appear.
  6. Click Resubmit asset for review.

Once you’ve resubmitted your asset for review, it may take up to 3 days for our system to update its verification status.

Location assets

Once you’ve fixed an unverified phone number, it may take up to 3 days for our system to automatically detect and update its verification status.


  • If applicable, your account team may update your account's verification status on your behalf.
  • If you’re using third party call tracking, you can still verify your phone number by proving you own the domain.
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