Preview your Smart campaign ad on Google search results

If you search for your ad on Google and it doesn’t appear, it doesn't mean that your ad isn’t running. We know it’s tempting to look for your ad, but if you repeatedly search for your own business on Google without clicking your ad, you may stop seeing it after a while. That's because Google's system recognises your computer and stops showing ads that it thinks you aren't interested in. Also, if you search for your business on Google and click your ad, you’ll be charged for that click.

Many factors determine whether or not your ad shows – including your budget, website quality, ad quality, competing advertisements and more. Learn more about how Google decides which ads to show.

To see how your ad will look to customers (without affecting its performance):

  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account. 
  2. Click Details on the ad that you’d like to preview.
  3. In your dashboard, find the “Ad preview” card and click the three-dot menu  in the top right. 
  4. Click Edit ad text.
    • Note: If you have multiple ad versions, click Edit on the ad version that you’d like to preview.
  5. Click See how your ad will appear.

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