Smart campaigns overview

  • Your Smart campaigns help you highlight selling points of your business and attract customers.
  • You can create a single campaign for your business, or run multiple campaigns to showcase different products or services.

How ads work

When you sign up for a Smart campaign, you’ll write an ad that describes your business. You’ll also describe your business's product or service and set a budget. Your ad is what potential customers will see when they search for businesses like yours on Google or Google Maps.

Your Smart ad can appear when potential customers in your targeted geographic area search for phrases related to your business on Google or Google Maps. Your ad can also appear for people who are outside of your neighbourhood, but who include terms related to your business as well as your business location in their searches.

What an ad looks like
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Your ad consists of the following parts:

Name Description

Your headline is the blue text at the top of the ad. When customers click the ad headline, they'll be taken to the website that you’ve entered for your business.

Headline 1 maximum length: 30 characters (or 15 characters for double-width* languages)

Headline 2 maximum length: 30 characters (or 15 characters for double-width* languages)

Ad text

Showcase your business's main selling points by describing your products or services, or include a special offer for customers.

Maximum length: 80 characters (or 40 characters for double-width* languages)

Website URL (link)

We'll display the website URL of your business. You can use different URLs for each of your ads.


Automatic sitelinks are automatically-generated links that appear below your ad text. These links send potential customers to pages on your website that are relevant to their searches.

Map pin A pin may appear in your ad for customers located near your business. If your customer clicks the pin, she'll be taken to your business location on Google Maps.
Phone number

If you enter a phone number, it will be displayed in your mobile search ad, desktop search ad, Google Display Network ad and Google Maps ad. In order for it to appear, you may need to verify ownership of your phone number.

If you use call reporting, you will still need to verify ownership of your actual phone number in order for us to display the unique Google forwarding number used in your ads.

GPA education address

If you'd like to show your business address, your Google Ads account needs to be linked to a Google My Business account to display the address managed in that account.

* Double-width languages are languages that use double-width characters, such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Creating multiple campaigns for a single business

If you want to advertise different aspects of your business, you can create multiple campaigns for your business, and specify a different product or service and budget for each. For example, a bakery might want to create a general “bakery” ad, but create an additional ad for “wedding cakes”.

If you have multiple campaigns, you may choose to devote more of your budget to one campaign, or divide up your budget evenly. Keep in mind that your overall budget for Smart campaigns is the combined budget for all of your ads. For example, if you have three campaigns for your business and set a daily budget of $10 for each ad, your total budget will be up to $30 per day.

Alternative ad text

To help your ad attract more customers and receive more clicks, the info that you've provided about your business and the content in your website will be used to create and test alternative ads.

Both the original ad and the new ads will be run to determine which are more effective. If some of the ads are consistently performing better, those ads will be run more often over time.

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