About labels in manager accounts

In your manager account, you’ll see two types of labels: “labels” that are created and assigned to campaigns at the individual Google Ads account level, and “account labels” that are created and assigned to accounts at the manager account level.

This article explains the difference between labels and account labels and shows you how to view them in your manager account.


In your manager account, you can see labels that are created and assigned for campaigns in individual Google Ads accounts. You can view these labels in the Labels column of your account’s Campaigns page. You can also filter your view in the Campaigns page to see only campaigns with specific labels.

Keep in mind that in individual Google Ads accounts, users can create, edit, and apply labels to keywords, ads, and ad groups as well. But in manager accounts, you’ll only be able to view campaign labels. If a Google Ads account is unlinked from a manager account, the account retains the campaign labels. 

Account labels

Account labels are created by a manager account and assigned to sub-manager accounts or individual Google Ads accounts. You can use them to help create meaningful groupings of managed accounts. Note that only manager accounts can view account labels; they can’t be created or viewed at the individual Google Ads account level. 

This article will show you just how to view and filter by account labels in your manager account. To learn how to create, remove, and edit account labels, read Create and edit account labels in manager accounts.

View or filter by campaign and account labels

The new Google Ads experience is now the exclusive way for most users to manage their accounts. Note, automatic targeting is only available in the new Google Ads experience.

Campaign labels

To help keep track of campaigns across accounts, you can view the labels assigned to campaigns in the “Labels” column of your manager account’s “Campaigns” tab. Create filters to see only campaigns with specific labels.

To filter the campaigns you see by campaign label:

  1. Click the Filter drop-down menu on the top of your “Campaigns” tab.
  2. Select Filter by label.
  3. Click the first drop-down menu and select Labels.
  4. Click the Select labels drop-down menu and choose the campaign labels you want to filter by. You can also use the text box to search for a specific label.
  5. When you’re ready, click Apply.

Account labels

You can find just the campaigns for accounts with specific account labels from the “Campaigns” tab. Here’s how:

  1. Click the All accounts drop-down menu at the top of the “Campaigns” page.
  2. Select Account labels.
  3. To add accounts with specific account labels to your “Campaigns” tab view, click the double arrows.
  4. When you’re ready, click Save.
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