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Design an expanded ad that converts

Starting July 1, 2021 Gmail ads campaigns will become “read only”. This means that after this date, advertisers will not be able to create new Gmail campaigns or make changes to existing Gmail campaigns, including edits to existing Gmail ads.

To continue serving ads on Gmail, we recommend that you create a Discovery campaign. Discovery ads allow you to expand your reach from Gmail to other Google owned surfaces, including YouTube and Discover, reaching 3 billion people globally. Learn more about creating and managing Discovery ads

You’ve developed a compelling collapsed ad to get users to click. Next, you’ll need to build an expanded ad that converts.

Use Gmail ad templates

Gmail ad templates are mobile-optimized and often perform better than custom HTML templates. Best of all, they don’t require any HTML or development work. We recommend testing out different versions since you might find that some templates perform better than others. Here’s advice on how to use each template:

  • If you want to promote multiple products or offers, use the catalog template
  • If you want to get started quickly or use your existing display assets, use the image template
  • If you want to showcase a video or one product/offer with CTA, use the single promotion template


If you want to drive full creative control over your expanded ads, use custom HTML templates. Keep in mind you’ll need a web developer to design your ad. If you take this route, make sure you think about mobile-friendly pages, loading time, image size and font size. Embedded forms are possible with custom HTML templates. Keep them short and simple for your mobile audience.

Case Study

With more than 5,700 hotels in over 110 countries, Marriott International aims to be the leader in hospitality. To drive awareness for their chain of Renaissance Hotels, they used Gmail ads and saw a 25% longer time spent on site and an 18% increase in pageviews per visit on “This unit has delivered ongoing high reach for the Renaissance Hotels brand. Since then, we’ve rolled out Gmail ads to additional Marriott International brand hotels globally,” said Amy Sherman, Senior Director of Digital Marketing at Marriott International.

Design your expanded ad like a landing page

An expanded ad matches the look and feel of a native landing page. Use that space to expand on your offer or value proposition. It’s your chance to help guide a potential customer to convert. Below are a few optimization tips:

  • Copy: Get to the point and address the value proposition. The copy from your teaser should be featured prominently on your expanded ad
  • Call-to-action (CTA): Make sure your CTA pops off the page and encourages a person to convert. Wherever possible, customize the CTA button to match the color scheme of your brand for better performance.
  • Creatives: Use relevant images to break up the text and contrast your page. Avoid using too many colors.
  • Embedded videos: Keep them short - most people stop watching after a minute.
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