Drive sales with Gmail Ads

Entice people to click on your collapsed ad

Once you’ve nailed an audience and targeting strategy, it’s time to think about your creative. Gmail ads have two components: the collapsed ad and the expanded ad.

The collapsed ad that users see matches the look and feel of their Gmail inbox. Users can click on it to expand the ad and get more details.

The expanded ad is triggered by a click on the collapsed ad. It’s a full-page native ad that looks and feels like a mini-landing page.

gmail ads collapsed unitgmail ads expanded unit


Front-end your most important call-to-actions or promotions.

Only the first 40-45 characters of your description will appear on mobile Gmail ads. Make your descriptions short and crisp. Include the most important information early on in your copy.

Highlight time-sensitive promotions or events

Gmail ads are great way of doing real-time advertising for events, promos or free trials (e.g. promoting a webinar). Since people are also already looking for promotions and sales in the Gmail tabs, get them to act fast and convert before they miss out. Draw attention to your ad by using time-sensitive copy like “Sale Ends Midnight”, “Limited Time Only” or “Today Only.”

Tap into past email marketing campaigns.

Don’t reinvent the wheel if you already have top performing subject lines or images that you can reuse in your Gmail ads. Take a look at your past search or display campaigns to see what headlines drove the highest click-through rates. Even better, you can pull an email performance report and sort your subject lines by the open rate. It’s likely that high-performing emails will also drive strong performance for your Gmail ads. Start out with those tried and true creatives that have already proved their success.


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