Fix issues with Display campaigns

If your Display campaign isn't performing as expected, it may be due to specific problems with your ads, bidding, targeting, conversion tracking, remarketing setup, or campaign settings.

To troubleshoot these issues, try the following:

Troubleshoot your Display campaign

Common issues for Display campaigns

Use recommendations in Google Ads to fix issues with Display campaigns

Ads not showing

Why this is important

Keeping your ads running is one of the most important aspects of a successful campaign. To walk through each potential issue one by one, try the troubleshooting exercise Why you may not see your ad.

Common alerts for issues that prevent ads from showing

Restrictive targeting
Your ad group targeting is too restrictive to show ads.
Alert message Your ad group's ads aren't reaching people

Reach can be limited under the following circumstances:

  • Narrow targeting within one targeting method
  • Layering different targeting methods in the same ad group
  • Using multiple exclusions
  • Campaign settings that restrict reach such as targeting a small geographic location

If your ad group reaches too few people, it won’t show ads. For example, if your ad group targets audiences, placements and keywords at the same time, you may not find many people who match all of those targeting methods at once. Try removing some of those targeting methods and adding them as Observations instead. Learn more about "Targeting" and "Observation" settings

Best practice Use the reach estimates tool to estimate potential reach.
Bids too low
Your current bid amount is too low for your ads to be competitive.
Alert message The bids in your ad group are too low to show your ads

Increase your bids to improve your chances of showing ads to potential customers. For example, new competition or shifts in market trends could require a higher bid than what you’ve been using.

Adjust your bid in "Campaign settings." Learn more about estimating your results with bid, budget and target simulators

Best practice Use the bid simulator to find the optimal bid amount for your business goals.

Why this is important

When your ads and targeting don't work together, you may not reach your potential customers. Sometimes, ad types aren't meant to be used with specific targeting methods, and if that's the only ad type or targeting method in your ad group or campaign, your ads won't be able to run at all.

Common alerts for incompatible targeting and ads

  • Gmail ads aren't compatible with custom audiences.
  • Only Gmail ads in a Gmail campaign subtype are eligible to show with remarketing lists or similar audiences. Other campaign types will not be eligible to run Gmail ads with remarketing lists or similar audiences.
  • Gmail ads can only run on Learn more.
  • Non-Gmail ads can’t run on
  • Customer Match for Display can only run with Gmail ads.

Remarketing tags and feeds

The dashboard can also show if there are any critical issues with your remarketing tag, including custom parameters, or with feeds connected through "Business data" or a Merchant Center account. These are used with your remarketing lists to create dynamic display ads.

Why this is important

If your tag isn't working, then your remarketing lists may not populate, and you won't be able to use these lists for targeting. If the list membership is too low, your ads may not be able to show for privacy reasons.


The number of users in your remarketing lists includes all active and inactive users worldwide. Since your ads will only be able to show to users who are in your campaigns' targeted locations and who are active on the networks you are targeting (for example Google Display Network, Search Network, YouTube, etc.), the number of users eligible to see your ads may be smaller than the remarketing list membership shown in Google Ads.

For dynamic remarketing, tag parameters such as product IDs also help identify which products users viewed. If there are issues with the parameters, the dynamic ads may show less relevant products.

If the number of eligible items in your feed has dropped, or some items have been disapproved, then your dynamic ads won't be able to show relevant products to potential customers.

Commons alerts for Remarketing tags and feeds

Inactive tag
Your tag hasn't been adding website visitors to your audience lists.
Alert message Your global site tag hasn't been active in the last week

Review the tag instructions. Then, validate your tag and check that you've added the remarketing parameters for your business type.

Click on Review tag instructions in the alert card for directions on how to access and change your tag code.

Learn more about tag validations and alert

Best practice Use the Audience manager to compare tags.

Other common issues for Display campaigns

Budget Low
Your ads are showing less than they could, which limits your campaigns from reaching their full potential.
Alert message Your campaign is limited by budget

Consider increasing your budget. For example, if you notice you’re reaching your budget partway through peak hours, consider increasing the budget a little bit to see if your ads maintain high performance. You may want to consider a larger budget increase if your ads continue to perform well during the hours they hadn’t been showing before.

Click Go to campaign settings to view and change your budget

Learn more

No ads
Ad groups without ads will not run.
Alert message Your ad group doesn't have any ads 

Add ads to your ad groups. 

Click Go to ads in the alert card to view and assign ads to ad groups.

Best practice Use responsive ads, which adjust their appearances and formats to fit most available ad space. Learn more
Disapproved ads
Your ads can't show unless they are approved by the policy team.
Alert message All ads in your ad group are disapproved

If there are policy issues, follow the links provided in the alerts to see how to fix them for each of your ads. Once you edit your ads, they'll be sent for review again. For example, your ad may contain inappropriate content, misrepresent you or your product, solicit personal information, or violate a trademark. Learn more about fixing disapproved ads

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