Add targeting to your video campaigns

With a variety of targeting methods available for your campaigns, you can reach your ideal audience based on who they are, what they're interested in or what content that they're viewing.

This article explains the steps that you need to follow to add, or exclude, targeting methods to ad groups in a video campaign.

Before you begin

If you aren’t familiar with the targeting methods available for video campaigns, consider reviewing About targeting for video campaigns before getting started.

It's important to know that each targeting method you add will narrow, not widen, your targeting.


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Add demographic targeting
  1. Click the Demographics sub-tab.
    • Note that all demographics are targeted by default. You only need to edit a demographic if you wish to exclude those users from seeing your ad.
  2. Under "Demographics," click the sub-tab of the specific demographic group that you want to edit:
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Parent
    • Household income
  3. Add (or exclude) specific demographic groups in the table by changing the status of the dot. A green dot will appear next to the demographic groups that are targeted, and a red dot will appear next to demographic groups that are excluded.

    Note: In some campaigns, you’ll need to click the red +HOUSEHOLD INCOME button to add this targeting.

Add interest (affinity or in-market audience) targeting
  1. Click the Interests sub-tab.
  2. Click +INTERESTS to add in-market audiences and affinity audiences, and then click Save.
Add remarketing list targeting
  1. Click the Remarketing sub-tab.
  2. Click +REMARKETING to add the remarketing lists that you want, and then click Save.
If you use YouTube music channels subscribes or visits for remarketing, you’ll have to verify that you’re linked to the right channel. Learn more
Add placement targeting
  1. Click the Placements sub-tab.
  2. On the "Managed" sub-tab, click +PLACEMENTS.
  3. Add URLs or search for the YouTube placements and Display Network placements that you want. Click >> to add, and then click Save.
If you target certain YouTube music artist channels you may have to verify which videos will be included. Learn more
Add topic targeting
  1. Click the Topics sub-tab.
  2. Click +TOPICS to find the topics that you want, click >> to add, and then click Save.
Add keyword targeting
  1. Click the Keywords sub-tab.
  2. Click +KEYWORDS.
  3. Enter 1 keyword per line and click either Add keywords to add your entered keywords or click Find related keywords to see more ideas.
  4. To add them one by one, click each related keyword. Or, click Bulk add to add all related keywords.
  5. Click "Save"
Add other types of campaign targeting

If you want to show your video ads to customers in specific countries or regions, who use only certain devices (for example, mobile phones), or who speak a certain language, you'll need to target your ads by geographical location, device and language. These types of targeting apply at the campaign level.

Note: Your TrueView video campaigns are located with your other campaigns from the "All campaigns" drop-down menu. You can also use this drop-down menu to view only your TrueView campaigns by selecting Video campaigns.

  1. Sign in to your AdWords account.
  2. Click the Campaigns tab, and then select the video campaign that you want to edit.
  3. Click the Settings tab, and then click the All settings sub-tab.
  4. Under "Locations", click Edit, choose your customers' location, and then click Save.
  5. Under "Languages", click Edit and choose your customers' language, and then click Save.
  6. Under "Devices", expand Advanced mobile and tablet options, click Edit, and choose the operating systems, device models and operators and Wi-Fi options that apply to your customers, and then click Save.

Prevent your ads from showing in certain cases by using exclusions

You can see how each of your targeting methods have performed for your ads on the "Video targeting" tab. You might find that your ad isn’t relevant to a particular topic or demographic group. If that's the case, consider adding the topic or demographic group as an exclusion. This can be useful when your video is most relevant to a specific demographic group and you want to target certain topics but exclude some viewers.

Exclude targeting for your video campaign or ad group
  1. Sign in to your AdWords account.
  2. Click the Campaigns tab, and then select the video campaign that you want to edit.
  3. If you want to add an exclusion to a specific ad group, select the ad group that you want to edit on the "Ad groups" tab.
  4. Click the Video targeting tab.
  5. Select the targeting method where you want to make an exclusion, by clicking the sub-tab: Demographics, Interests, Remarketing, Topics, Placements or Keywords.
  6. Follow the steps on that sub-tab, and then click Save.
    • Demographics: Each demographic group has its own sub-tab. Click the green dot next to the demographic group that you want to exclude, in the table on each sub-tab.

      A red dot will appear next to demographic groups that you have excluded.

      Bear in mind

      You must have at least 1 demographic group selected on each tab for your campaign to run.

    • Interests, Topics, Keywords, Placements or Remarketing: Click +EXCLUSIONS, found below the table, and then toggle to a campaign or an ad group, depending on how you want to apply the exclusion. For example, excluding the "News" topic in your campaign will automatically exclude that topic from all ad groups within the campaign.
  7. Click Save.
If you exclude certain YouTube music artist channels you may have to verify which videos will be included. Learn more
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