Bid strategy report for automated bidding strategies

The bid strategy report is an important tool to understand how your Smart Bidding strategies are performing.

It includes tailored metrics to show you what’s most relevant to each type of bid strategy, as well as other important data like your bid strategy status, average target, conversion delay, and top signals. You’re able to access these reports at the portfolio level for bid strategies used on multiple campaigns. You can also access a standard bid strategy report for individual campaigns.

Smart bidding UI illustration calling out the various sections of the Shared Targeting UI

This article explains key statuses in the bid strategy report. For more details, check out Evaluate your Smart Bidding performance with bid strategy reports.

Note: If you need help locating your bid strategy report, check out Find your bid strategy reports.

What’s in your report

Bid strategy status: Understand how your bid strategy is performing, and when it may need attention. Learn more about bid strategy statuses

Note: Bid strategy statuses isn't available for Hotel Campaigns.

Top signals: For select conversion-based strategies (Target CPA, Maximize conversions, Target ROAS, and Maximize conversion value) this feature highlights some of the dimensions where the bid strategy is optimizing your bids for visitors who are more or less likely to convert. Top signals may include, but are not limited to, device type, location, day of week, time of day, queries, or your remarketing and Customer Match lists.

Note: Top signals may not always show for a specific campaign or portfolio bid strategy depending on campaign channel type, conversion volume, and the relative impact of the signals considered.

Scorecard: This is a snapshot of metrics specific to the type of bid strategy you’re reviewing. For example, a report on Target CPA will show you a snapshot of your “Average Target CPA”, “Actual CPA” and “Conversions” among others. A report on Maximize clicks will show you metrics for “Clicks” and “Cost per Click.”

Conversion delay: Understand how long it takes most of your users to convert. Wait until all your conversions have been reported before evaluating the performance of your bid strategy.

Performance chart: Compare the performance of up to 2 metrics over time. Choose any 2 columns that matter to your campaign and adjust the timeframe to see data for any date range.

Note: If the difference between your average target CPA and your actual CPA isn’t statistically significant, try selecting a longer date range.

Simulators: Estimate changes to performance when you change your target or daily budget.

Note: Bid simulator is not available for Hotel Campaigns.

Types of reports

You can see bid strategy reports for your Target CPA, Target ROAS, Target impression share, Maximize clicks, Maximize conversions, and Maximize conversion value bidding strategies at the campaign or portfolio level.

Note: The new account wide bid strategy report doesn’t yet support portfolio strategies.

To view your bid strategy report, check out Find your bid strategy reports.

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