Drive offline sales with online ads

Measure the offline value of your online ads


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Measure foot traffic with store visits

  • Store visit conversions provides insight into the number of users who visited your store up to 30 days after they clicked on your Search or Display ad, or watched or engaged with your YouTube ad.
  • Review your conversion window and store visit value so that they’re aligned with your business goals. 
    • The default window is 30 days. If customers typically make a purchase sooner after clicking on an ad, you may want to shorten the window. Check your conversion delay to help understand this behavior.

Google Ads Tutorials: How to value your store visits


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Measure local actions and in-store sales

  • Local actions conversions happen on Google’s products and services and are automatically defined by Google Ads. Actions you can measure include directions, clicks, calls, orders, menu views, and website visits.
  • Store sales measurement is available in Google Ads and SA360 for eligible Search, Shopping, and YouTube advertisers. This allows you to go one step further by measuring in-store purchases, not just store visits.



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