Google Marketing Live 2023: Improve your measurement foundation to drive better business outcomes

May 23, 2023

By investing in a foundation of high-quality, first-party data, you can strengthen your measurement and Google AI can then work harder to drive incremental results for your business. For example, Google AI is at the heart of Google Analytics 4’s ability to surface relevant insights, predict likely future consumer behavior, and automatically improve campaign performance—all while adapting to an evolving privacy and technology landscape. At Google Marketing Live 2023, we shared how we’re making it easier to manage first-party data, get the most out of Google Analytics 4 audiences and insights, and seamlessly update your conversion values to drive better results.


Manage first-party data more easily. Today there are many ways to onboard data to Google Ads, including manual uploads, partner linking via a customer relationship manager (CRM), embedded workflows, and more. We think this can be easier. That’s why we’re working to streamline the way you onboard and manage first-party data in Google Ads, all in a privacy-centric way. Soon, businesses large and small will be able to seamlessly and securely connect data sources, translate data to insights, and improve the overall accuracy of their measurement, with more updates to come later this year. 


Simplify how you set up enhanced conversions. Enhanced conversions enable privacy-centric and more accurate reporting. Soon, you’ll also be able to use enhanced conversions in Search Ads 360 and we’ve made it easier to enable in Google Ads as well. With new account-level controls, you can quickly set up enhanced conversions across your entire account. It’ll also be easier to activate your first-party data by creating conversion-based audience lists using Customer Match—and can be managed in your account settings. 


Build and use Google Analytics 4 audiences directly within Google Ads. Easily build and add relevant Google Analytics 4 audiences as you create and manage your Google Ads campaigns. This includes predictive audiences identified by Google AI as most likely to convert, which is a feature exclusive to Google Analytics 4. Important reminder: upgrade to Google Analytics 4 by July 1st


Import fractional, data-driven conversion credits to Google Ads. We’ve introduced the ability to import fractional credits, with data-driven attribution applied, from Google Analytics 4 to Google Ads. For example, if a customer clicks on two Search ads, a YouTube ad, and a newsletter before purchasing, partial credit for the ads will be imported into Google Ads, regardless of the final touchpoint. This improves your performance by bidding to the true value of each ad.


Use offline conversion adjustments to drive higher ROI. With offline conversion adjustments, you can now update the value of an online conversion up to 7 days after it was recorded. This allows you to assign unique and custom values to each conversion based on what they’re truly worth to your business, including lifetime value and profit. Then, Smart Bidding will use these deferred values to optimize performance based on your goals. Bidding to deferred offline conversion adjustments is currently in beta. 


Learn about our latest experiments with privacy-preserving technologies. To help you continue driving results in a future without third-party cookies, we plan to integrate Chrome's Privacy Sandbox APIs into our ads platforms. In the meantime, make sure you start adopting privacy-safe audience and measurement solutions to be ready for what's next.


Register and watch the TL;DR videos for Measurement and Google Analytics to learn about solutions that help you unlock more accurate measurement, get business-critical insights, and drive results.


Posted by The Google Marketing Live Team

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