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Google AI multiplies your business results by helping you drive new customer connections, build high-quality creative, and make confident decisions grounded in insights.

Do you have the essentials to succeed with AI? Once you've set your marketing goals and aligned your efforts to your broader business priorities, review the checklist below for ways to supercharge your marketing with Google AI today.

 Checkmark  Get ready with the right foundation

Strengthen your measurement strategy with high-quality, consented data to guide Google AI to better maximize your ROI and business outcomes. First-party data is especially valuable because it comes from the direct relationships you have with your customers.

Checkbox Establish robust sitewide tagging with the Google tag, so you can capture the data that matters most to you. And for advertisers operating in the European Economic Area and the U.K., create a strong framework to collect and maintain users’ consent with Consent Mode.

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Watch an overview video about Google Tag and Consent Mode:

AI Essentials: Google Tag and Consent Mode Overview


Success Stories:

The North Face uses Google Tag Manager to capture the full spectrum of consumer behavior, turn those signals into insights, and then measure the behavior. This enables the company to adjust its marketing in near real-time and better serve customers.

Air France experienced a 9% conversion uplift after implementing Consent Mode across their European markets.


Checkbox Set up enhanced conversions to improve the accuracy of your conversion measurement.

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Watch an overview video about enhanced conversions:

AI Essentials: Enhanced Conversions Overview


Success story:

Calendly delivers a 2X lift in return on ad spend after implementing enhanced conversions.


Checkbox Assign values to your conversions based on your business goals (e.g. revenue, profit margins, or lifetime value).

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Watch an overview video about conversion values:

AI Essentials: Conversion Values Overview


Success story:

Porsche achieved a 19% increase in return on ad spend by incorporating profit margins and lead-to-sale conversion rates into their bidding strategy.


Checkbox Use Google Analytics 4 to gain deeper insights across your websites and apps.

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Watch an overview video about Google Analytics 4:

AI Essentials: Google Analytics 4 Overview


Success story:

BAUR turned to Google Analytics 4 for a recent Google Ads campaign. By using an audience of likely purchasers, their sales increased by 56%.


Checkbox Adopt Customer Match to reach and re-engage your customers across Google’s surfaces.

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Watch an overview video about Customer Match:

AI Essentials: Customer Match Overview


Success story:

ImmoScout24 saw a 52% increase in conversion rate and 15% lower cost-per-acquisition after adopting Customer Match.


Checkbox Prioritize strong creative inputsthen use our AI-powered creative tools to build a wide range of assets for your campaigns.

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Watch an overview video about creative inputs:

AI Essentials: Creative Inputs Overview


Success story:

Armani beauty increased conversions by 11% with responsive search ads and image assets.

Blue lightning bolt  Take action to maximize results with AI-powered campaigns

AI-powered campaigns help you optimize performance in real time to get more conversions and value from your budget. Find untapped demand and drive incremental results from new search queries, channels, and audiences.

Checkbox Activate the Ads Power Pair. Combine AI-powered Search campaigns (with broad match) and Performance Max campaigns to drive more conversions across all of Google.

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Watch an overview video about the Ads Power Pair:

AI Essentials: Power Pair Overview


Success story:

iHerb utilized Google AI to strongly exceed new customer acquisition and profit targets.


Checkbox Use value-based Smart Bidding across campaigns to invest in the conversions that are worth the most to your business.

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Watch an overview video about value-based Smart Bidding:

AI Essentials: Value-Based Bidding Overview



Success story:

Citibanamex increased booked credit cards by 27% after adopting value-based bidding.


Checkbox Connect with your audience across YouTube, including Shorts and connected TV, using video campaigns.

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Watch an overview video about video campaigns:

AI Essentials: Video Campaigns Overview


Success story:

Maybelline saw 64% more impressions at a 39% lower cost-per-impression by adding YouTube in-feed and Shorts formats to their brand campaign.

Blue arrows going in a circle  Shift mindsets to set your org up for success

To unlock the full benefits of Google AI, organizations need to take concrete steps to test new approaches and achieve greater agility to shift budgets to the biggest opportunities.

Checkbox Engage your C-suite to reframe marketing as a profitable growth driver instead of a cost center. Directly align marketing KPIs with business goals and partner with your CFO to quantify marketing’s impact on key financial metrics.

Checkbox Create a culture of experimentation (test, learn, scale).

Checkbox Stay agile and break down silos (data, budget, and channel silos).

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